I received a question from a blog reader that I thought I would address as a video answer.  She wanted to know what to wear to a funeral.  Never a fun topic, but a necessary one.

You can watch my tips below.

The bottom line is, black isn’t a mandatory color any longer.  What I have found is that the younger or more tragic the death of the person being mourned is the more inclined people seem towards wearing black or shades of grey.  This is not to say that everyone doesn ‘t deserve respect, it’s just something I have noticed.  Regardless, in all situations, you should dress in a respectful, understated and conservative manner.  If the faith of the deceased is one where they will be waked, these viewings tend to be a bit less strict in dress code as many may stop by after work to pay their respects or have a few minutes to stop in.  Without a doubt, it is more important you attend the wake than get your outfit right.  However, jeans, slovenly dress and bright, happy colors are probably not the smartest.

If you plan on attending the funeral it’s smart to upgrade your wardrobe to something dressier and more somber in appearance.  Again, black isn’t necessary, just keep the outfit on the simpler and darker side…and use common sense.