We don’t cover a lot of beauty products here at Friday Fab Find.  Not that we don’t have products we love, we covered Paula’s Choice a few months ago.  We do love beauty products but most of them aren’t that extraordinary.

And sometimes they are.

I was sent samples of Perfective Ceuticals Anti Imperfection Eye Therapy cream.

Holy cow! This stuff is AMAZING.  The thin skin around our eyes shows age faster than the rest of our face. This cream works not only to hydrate but to plumb up fine lines and also numb the nerves around your eyes so laughing smiling have less of an impact on your skin.

Don’t worry you have a frozen botox face, if there is a change I couldn’t see it.

Using your ring finger gentle tap a  pea sized amount lotion around your eyes  twice a day.  I was given several very long scientific sounding names that explain how this cream works so well but I won’t bore you.

Just know that after only a few weeks I’m already noticing a change in my skin. I’m very excited to see what happens after a few months!

And you can see it too! Perfective Ceuticals has generously agreed to  our of our lucky readers an entire bottle of Perfective Ceuticals Anti Imperfection  Eye Therapy Cream! Leave a comment and say why you want a bottle and you could win.