If it wasn’t for an email I received from a reader asking for tips on how to wear a skort I probably wouldn’t have done a blog on it for my One Item, Five Fashionable Ways series.  Skorts and I have a bit of an ugly past.   The last time they were popular, around 1995, I was working as a fashion designer for this horrible company that produced  cheap and ugly clothing.  This certainly is not the type of place you hope to wind up working after getting a design degree, but, sometimes, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do and make the best of it.  This was one of those times.  But this place where I worked, it was hard to make the best of things.  The people I worked with were weird, the people who owned the company were mean, the clothing was beyond atrocious and I still wonder if I wound up being a stylist  years later to pay back all the Karmic debt I accrued by being part of a company that put such ugly and shoddy clothing out into the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing personally against skorts.  They’re actually sort of cute, and very functional, but this company I worked for made some of the ugliest skorts ever.  We even made something called a skortall.  I kid you not.  A skortall, you may be wondering, is a skort with overall bibs attached to it, and we made them in denim.  Yes, feel free to stick your finger down your throat and pretend to gag.

So when I think of skorts it just brings back memories filled with a lot of visual pollution during a time in my life and career that I would rather not remember.

Anyway, skorts.  My sordid past with them aside, let’s talk about them because, like I said, they can be cute and quite functional, especially for the active woman who likes to wear a skirt but wants more range of motion and ease.  Before we go any further, however, I want to explain what a skort is.

What is a skort?

Technically, a skort is a pair of shorts with a flap over the front so it looks like a skirt in the front but a pair of shorts from behind.  When a skirt has a pair of shorts attached underneath the skirt it isn’t a skort but a scooter skirt.  So, it is quite possible that what you have been calling a skort is actually a scooter.  However, so much blurriness has been created between the definition of these two styles that it is quite probable that you’ve seen scooters in stores referred to as skorts, even though they aren’t.  I know the difference between the two because, going back to that awful company I worked for, we made scooters too…and scooteralls….in denim.  I…kid…you…not!  Blech.

How to wear a skort

To decide whether a skort (or scooter skirt) is right for you, take a look at your lifestyle.  Skorts are great for women on the go, active women, busy moms who do a lot of bending and lifting, women who like the look of a skirt but the ease of shorts and women who are also athletic and prefer to wear a skirt instead of a pair of shorts for activities like tennis, golfing and even running.  Additionally, skorts are trendy again and there are many styles (which you can check out below) that are also fashionable for the less athletically inclined.  For the young, a skort can essentially replace a pair a hot pants that have also been popular.  With all the different types of skorts out there the goal is to find one that fits how you plan on wearing one.  Because they are great for active women on the go, I am going to use this sportier skort style from Athleta to give you some styling options to consider.

Outfit #1

For busy moms, a skort is a great summertime option because it gets you out of the yoga pants into something more summery while steering clear of a pair of shorts.  What is great is you can get down and dirty with your kids without worrying about squatting like a lady or whether your underwear will show when you sit on the floor, bend to pick up your kids or need to move quickly.

In this outfit, I made this skort very mom friendly with a coral t-shirt, a turquoise pair of flat sandals and earrings and a funky diaper bag.  Now you can go to the park with style while feeling like you are wearing a functional outfit.

Outfit #2- A barbecue or outdoor party

You want to look stylish for the upcoming party or barbecue you will be attending but also hear that there will be games like badminton, horseshoes, lawn darts or volleyball being played.  You want to be an active joiner but still want to look elegant.  A skort is a great option.  With it you can get in on the fun without losing your sense of style.  For any situation where there will be fun activities, but you still want to wear a skirt or dress, a skort is a great alternative.

In this outfit, I added a yellow print tank, a flat pair of metallic sandals from Modcloth, a turquoise cross body handbag and silver necklace.

Outfit #3- For athletics and errands

A skort is great for athletics and afterwards.  Let’s say you’ve just come from yoga and want to do some quick errands afterwards or want to zip around and get things done.  For a more active lifestyle a skort is great.

Here, this more athletic inspired outfit is styled with this skort, a fun printed tank, a zip up jacket, cute trainers from Anthropolgie and pink Baggallini purse.

Outfit #4- For yard work and beyond

For things like yardwork or gardening a skort can be a great stylish solution to wearing a pair of shorts.  While a classic pair of Crocs would probably be more gardening friendly, I just could not bring myself to use a pair (I’m sorry) so, instead, I chose this pair of ballerina Crocs flats.  Perhaps wear the gardening clogs for the yard and change them when you head out.  Additionally, I added a pink tank from Boden, a pink and coral handbag and casual orange bracelet.

That’s the beauty of a skort.  You can do more active things in it and then just change out the accessorizing components to look more stylish.

Outfit #5- For golf, tennis and other activities

Lastly, a skort is great for things like golf and tennis.  Depending on where you golf or play tennis a dress code may be enforced.  Plus, after a round you may want to grab some lunch or go about your day without looking like you spent your morning on the back nine.  A skort can do that.

This sporty look is styled with a white collared shirt from Ahtleta, a pair of golf shoes and golf bag from Nike, and the look is finished with a visor, golf glove and simple stud earrings from Sam Edelman.

Shop for skorts

There are plenty of skort styles out there, from very athletic to the dressy.  If a skort feels right for you and your wardrobe, check out these additional styles.