Did anyone else have “Fashion Plates” as a kid? I loved them. I spent hours creating outfits and coloring them in. Later I sewed outfits for my Barbie’s from patches of leftover cloth from my mother Jo’s sewing. . Alas my few attempts to sew outfits for my body were…unfortunate.  It goes without saying I never left the house in those creations. Which was a shame because how cool would it have been to show up on the playground or at school in an outfit I had made myself?
Why couldn’t Gemz have existed back then?
Gemz is a ‘creative shoe kit’  for young girls ages 4 and up and looks like so much super fun I’m a little angry these kits don’t come in women’s size 7.5.
Each kit contains:

*one pair of glitter jelly ballet flats

*rhinestone gem strips

*ivory pearl strips

*glitter glue stick

*neon adhesive spikes

*glitter flower adhesive gems

*reusable vinyl carrying bag

One thing is for DAMN sure; 5 year old Cameron would have worn shoes she had created for herself, until they were so tight they cut her or completely worn through the bottom whichever came first.

I honestly cannot think of  a better activity to have at a little girls birthday party. I hated games at birthday parties as a child because if I lost I was pissed off that I didn’t  get the prize. Or worse I’d win but it would be MY birthday and I would have ‘concede’ the prize to another because ‘it wouldn’t be polite’ . This way everyone (yes even the birthday girl!) get to have a lot of fun decorating their own shoes and take them home as a souvenir from the party.

Yeah I am now officially angry these don’t come in adult sizes.
Little fashionista girls (or boys! we don’t discriminate here on this blog) are in luck as ArchTags has generously agreed to give away a Gemz shoe craft kit for free to one of our lucky readers!
Like their Facebook Page and leave a comment about how much your little one would love their own shoe decorating kit!