FreshBreastsA few weeks ago I was strolling around BuzzFeed when I found this funny yet sad list.

21 Reasons Summer Sucks For Anyone With Big Boobs

Two words: underboob sweat.

I arrived at number 4 and I yelled out “boob deodorant!? That’s real?”

It is. It’s called Fresh Breasts.

For those of us who never wore training bras (how exactly do you ‘train’ your girls? What are they training for?) because we had B cups in middle school, boob sweat is a very real and messy annoyance.  I had to try boob deodorant immediately!

My verdict? Fresh Breasts is pretty good stuff! It’s a little messy applying it. It goes on like a cream and dries to a silky powder like finish, but it will rub off on your clothes. You’ll need to wash your hands after. Was I bone dry? No, but 87 degrees and 85 percent humidity is quite a challenge. I was definitely drier than I would have been. And no musty smell. I did notice one thing: no chaffing.

So on a walk to Lincoln Center a few days later, I coated my ‘thigh gap’, or more accurately lack thereof, with Fresh Breasts. Not only did I refrain from sweating, the silky finish meant no rubbed red inner thighs!  Plus it has no harsh artificial chemicals, the natural scentless formula is free of aluminum, parabens and talc.

Today is your lucky day! Fresh Body, which makes Fresh Breasts (also Fresh Balls, for your male friends), has agreed to give away a tube to one lucky reader! Like their Fan Page and leave a comment explaining why you deserve a tube of Fresh Breasts!