I confess as a child I didn’t like the beach so much. I never did care much for sun (despite my Hispanic blood I burn like I’m Irish) but what really annoyed me was SAND!!!!! I hate sand! It gets everywhere. Even if you stay off the beach you’d better avoid friends or family who were there recently or somehow it WILL end up in your shoes.

Obvious solution? No human being should ever set foot on a beach ever again!

In case you don’t like that idea here’s a better one:  the Shake Bag by Quirky!

Quirky, if you didn’t know, is a great new way for people to take their creative ideas and turn them into consumer products everyone can use.

Two surfers came up with an idea so obvious to the sand problem; it’s pretty amazing no one thought of it before!

It’s a basic beach bag with one distinctive feature. It has a flap that can be unpinned exposing a mesh bottom that will allow you to give it a hearty shake and knock all of the sand out. Even better is the bag is constructed of waterproof neoprene that can wiped clean.

Is that awesome or what?