“I couldn’t help but notice she had the cracked iPhone. How could she let me see the cracked iPhone? Are you f***ing kidding me? Sure sign of crazy!”  Kathy Griffin on Kirstie Alley during her comedy special “Record Breaker”

Opinions on Kirstie Alley’s mental health aside, iPhones and tablets crack with surprising ease.  Honestly it’s the reason I’m dragging my feet on getting a tablet.  The idea of arriving with it to an important meeting or getting on a plane preparing to the use the time to work, only to find my tablet cracked and unusable terrifies me.  Fear no more! We now have a stylish and practical way to protect our electronics.  Introducing Kaboo Bags!

Kaboo bags are your typical purse with one unique feature; a ‘Tech Pouch’. A reinforced pocket with an impact resistant core between two layers of foam padding for extra protection, it can even be adjusted to make sure the fit is as snug as possible. Its also water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about lotion or hairspray leaking onto your electronics.  I personally love that there are TONS of pockets. My favorite thing is that each pocket holds a specific item, so I know where to find everything.

Currently they are having a sale! Originally these retailed for $125.00 but now you can get them for a mere $59.00.

I don’t need to tell you that’s WAY cheaper than a new tablet!