I don’t wear pants. Its true. I don’t even own any. Seriously.  Once my friend Mishelle commented that she has known me for 8 years and she’s never seen me in a pair of pants.I don’t like them.  Especially dress pants. They pinch my waist and are so stiff.
Okay I own ONE pair of pants. They are yoga pants (oddly that I happened to have purchased them when I was with Mishelle). They are unspeakably unflattering and the most comfortable thing in my entire closet. I NEVER wear them outside.
Creator Sarah James, of  Beta Brand,  wanted a pair of ultra-comfy yoga pants that were also appropriate for the office — basically, a women’s version of our venerable Dress Pant Sweatpants. So, she submitted her idea for a new garment that would combine a soft, stretchy performance knit with dress-pant styling.

The result: Yoga dress pants! Professional-looking work wear that can double as workout wear, perfect for performing the Lunchtime Lotus and the Power Pointer, as well as other, more orthopedically sound postures.

Vital Statistics

  • Fabric: stretchy rayon blend (65% rayon, 32% nylon, 3% spandex).
  • Faux zipper and pockets (two side & two rear) for dress pants styling.
  • 1.5-inch elastic waistband.
  • Button at waist (non-functional).
  • Belt loops.

They come in black, navy and grey all the way up to plus sizes! At almost $80 a pair they aren’t cheap, but I think the most expensive clothes you’ll ever buy are the things you never wear because they are uncomfortable.

Sizing Note: The pants are not pre-washed, and will ship with an inseam that is 2″ longer than indicated — this is to account for the shrinkage that occurs in washing. If you plan on altering the length, you should wash the pants beforehand.And just think, you don’t have to pack an extra bag for the gym!
Visit their site to buy or find out more information.