This week I am a bit under the weather and can’t take the time to blog as much as I do.  Typically on Wednesdays I post on accessorizing different ways which includes several looks that I create.  I just didn’t have it in me to put effort towards a post of this caliber.

Feeling a little bit better today, I grabbed my trusted reusable shopping bag and headed out to run some errands at a few stores nearby.  With this bag in tow, I thought about what a life saver this little bag is and then started to think about all the accessories I own that I’d be lost without and would buy again if I needed to.

As you know I am a little (okay, a lot) accessories obsessed.  However, I believe the same discernment needs to be taken when buying accessories as when buying clothes.  I’m also practical to a fault, a total Capricorn trait.  When you are discerning like I am, you find that the pieces you do buy will be worth their weight in gold.  Yes, I do love accessories but I don’t have as many pieces as you probably think I do.  This is because I know what my staples are and how to maximize each one of them.  That said, I present to you my top 10 accessories I can’t live without and why.  My hope is that you might see the value in some of them for yourself or might possibly come up with your own list of must-haves.

#1- My reusable shopping bag

Accessories I can't live withoutThis bag from Envirosax is something I use constantly.  Living in Brooklyn, I walk a lot.  I also work from home and try to get out at least once a day to run errands.  This bag has basically become my around my neighborhood handbag because I don’t have the luxury of using the trunk of a car to stow things I pick up along the way. I like that this bag isn’t too precious and that I don’t need to worry about throwing a few groceries inside of it.  What is also cool about the bag is that it folds up and snaps shut which means that it can be stored in a handbag and used when needed.  Even if you don’t walk as much as I do, it’s not a bad idea to have a reusable shopping bag in your handbag in a pinch.

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#2- Novelty gold earrings

Accessories I can't live without I bought these earrings at a tiny little boutique and have loved them since.  While they are basic gold, they get a lot of use because they are interesting.  I think every woman needs a pair of gold (or silver, if that’s your thing) earrings in their wardrobe because they are so versatile.  However, versatile does not have to mean boring.  I like the way these pop anything I am wearing while still being basic.  I wear them all the time.

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#3- My green pashmina scarf

Accessories I can't live without This photo was taken a few years ago at 4am at a diner in New Jersey after my 20th high school reunion because, after all, you can’t visit New Jersey without winding up at a diner at some point.  I used this large green pashmina as a wrap for my reunion and after I changed into something more comfortable after the reunion I wrapped it around my neck and wore it with a grey top and jeans.

This scarf has an even longer history.  I bought it the same year I met my husband which is 9 1/2 years ago.  Since then I have used it constantly, from weddings to using it with my coats.  I believe it is so versatile because it is green, an amazing shade that matches everything.  Should this scarf ever wear out (it is starting to show signs of wear) I will replace it.

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#4- My Birkenstock Gizehs

Accessories I can't live without This is the exact pair of Birkenstock Gizehs I own, the bronze shade.  Having owned the same pair for six years I can’t say my Gizehs look as clean and fresh as the ones in the photo.  I love these shoes.  Aside from the versatility of the color, they are so ridiculously comfortable.  I would replace them in a heartbeat, which I probably should next year.  Mine are starting to look really ratty, but they are broken in perfectly.

Shop for Birkenstock Gizehs.  They come in every color under the sun

#5- My yellow wedges

Accesories I can't live withoutThese yellow wedges called The Eternal Wedge from Naya are favorites of mine for a few reasons.  First, the color.  You might be surprised to learn that yellow is a fantastic accent color, especially for shoes because the color is nowhere near the face.  I have worn these shoes to spice up a navy dress, just wore them last weekend with a brown and white printed dress and, despite the pop color, find plenty of things to wear with them.  However, the number one reason I LOVE these shoes is the comfort.  I have walked miles in them and my feet have been comfortable.  I can stand for hours with clients without any pain.  It’s almost hard to believe that a wedge could be comfortable, but these are.  Unfortunately, Naya doesn’t stock this shoe any longer.  I have to talk to them about that because, if they did, I would replace these shoes in a heartbeat if they gave out.

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#6- Long gold necklace

Long Gold NecklaceAdmittedly, ever since piercing my ears a few years ago I have relied less on this long gold necklace, however, I am grateful to always have it on hand.  I think every woman needs at least one gold or silver necklace that can make a statement without going overboard.  On those rushed days when there is little time for accessorizing, or your outfit just needs a simple punch, a gold necklace can save you.  This particular necklace is ancient and I don’t think I spent more than $15 on it.  When the time comes to replace it I will definitely be shopping for a new gold necklace to have in my wardrobe.

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#7- My cognac boots

Accessories I can't live without Last year I was working with a client.  We had salads while we were working and I decided to take my leftover salad on the train home.  Big mistake.  The salad dressing leaked out of the container, dripped out of the brown paper bag it was in and got all over my pants and cognac boots.  I was devastated because I don’t consider my wardrobe complete without owning a pair.

Thankfully, the particular pair I ruined were several years old and showing signs of wear and tear.  This was a great opportunity to buy another pair.  I purchased this Sam Edleman pair in whiskey and lived in them all fall and winter.  I can’t wait to break them out again.  Once this pair wears out I will definitely be purchasing another.  But that won’t be for a few years.

What I love about this shade is it works with everything.  Even if you wear a lot of black, a cognac pair of boots can be a gorgeous.

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#8-Gold ballerina flats

Accessories I can't live without I can’t remember a time where I didn’t have a pair of gold ballerina flats in my closet.  To me, they go with everything and can add pop to subtlest of outfits.  The pair I am currently wearing are by Tieks in Wild Copper.  You can’t go wrong with metallic ballerina flats.  I will always have a pair in my life.

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#9- Pouch for my purse

Accessories I can't live withoutI love Etro.  Seriously, if I had the income I’d live in it.  The fabrics are gorgeous, the prints are stunning and the silhouettes elegant.  My mother-in-law knows my love of this brand and always manages to find me affordable gifts when she heads up to the Etro outlet at Woodbury Commons (a major shopping outlet here in the NY area).  This blue zipper pouch was one of my gifts and something I’d be lost without.

I’m not a highly organized person. It’s normal for me to lose my keys or to rummage around in the bottom of my purse for something I need.  This is why I am never without a small zipper pouch where I can keep my essentials in my purse, like my cell phone, spare change, important items and even my small Etro wallet.  The other benefit to having this little zipper pouch is that it makes bag changes easy.  All I have to do is grab this pouch with my important essentials and throw in the new bag I am carrying.  Once this zipper pouch gives out, which won’t be for a while because it is Etro, I will get another one.  Try the bag within a bag technique, you can even use a makeup bag.  You may find it saves you a lot of time and hassle.

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#10- These green earrings

Accessories I can't live without I received these earrings from jewelry designer April Martin last year and, I have to say, they have become a total staple in my wardrobe.  Not unlike my green scarf, I find they go with everything and add subtle pop to all my outfits.  Are you seeing a theme here?  You can get a ton of use from green.  I will always have a pair of green earrings on hand.

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Bonus must have- Latisse

Accessories I can't live without Okay, I am adding this as a bonus because, technically, Latisse is a beauty product, not an accessory.  However, with the use of Latisse my eyelashes have seriously become the best accessory ever.  I have somewhat small eyes but not anymore since using this product.  I seriously love it and find it to be worth every penny.  I have been using it since March.  After four months of daily application your eyelashes will grow to as long as they will get.  I am now in maintenance mode, which means I apply the serum a few days a week.  I just love it.  A must have for sure!

Do you have accessories that you can’t live without?  I’d love to hear about them!