Slip-on SneakersAbout a year ago I saw a mother and daughter both wearing classic checkerboard Vans.  How could I not shoot this photo of them?  While I normally find mother-daughter dressing annoying and sort of creepy, this was just too cute.

Slip-On Sneakers Sharing this photo is a great way to introduce slip-on sneakers as a hot trend for fall.  Trends often have an organic way of evolving.  If you pay close attention you can almost anticipate what will be the next hot thing.  Take this slip-on sneaker, for example.  There are a few factors as to why this trend is emerging again.  One of them is based on how casual footwear has evolved in recent years.   Ballerina flats have been going strong as a trend for a long time, and showing no signs of slowing.  In the past few years, the smoking flat or loafer was introduced as an alternative to the ballerina.  Of course there are many other factors why this slip-on sneaker trend has returned, but all you need to know is it is back in a big way.  It makes sense that this style is returning.  Casual, sneaker-style shoes that aren’t heinous have been a big missing in women’s footwear for some time.  Slip-on sneakers are like a loafer sneaker hybrid, perfect for casual on those days you want to keep it easy but don’t want to wear an actual pair of athletic shoes.

Admittedly, when I first saw these slip-on sneakers I didn’t like them.  the classic checkerboard Vans remind me of Spicoli from the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  Plus, even though I have super tiny feet, I can’t help but wonder what the instep of my feet would look like with all that canvas covering them.

However, after I styled the outfits below, using this gold metallic pair from Anthropologie, these sneakers stared to grow on me and I found myself actually wanting them.  As a transitional pair of casual shoes, meaning for the times where it is a bit too chilly for sandals but too warm for boots, I can totally see wearing them.  Plus, they’re not dorky sneakers nor are they unsupportive ballerina flats.  They’re sort of perfect ‘tweeners.  Hmmm, I think I just talked myself into needing these.  If you’re looking for a cool pair of slip-on sneakers that are high on style and function you may want to consider a pair yourself.  Trend factor aside, they just seem super practical.  Here are five ways to wear them for fall.

Stylish in Slip-On Sneakers

Outfit #1

slip-on sneakers

I love these shoes with a casual denim skirt.  Just imagine how much you could get done running around in these shoes all day.  Plus they sure beat a pair of clunky sneakers.  This is a great early fall outfit for the weekends, consisting of a dolman sleeve sweater from J. Crew, Boden denim a-line skirt, infinity scarf from Nordstrom, teal handbag and gold earrings.

Outfit #2

slip-on sneakers

Even when dressing super casually, like in an outfit like this, we can do small things to look good.  By using these slip-on sneakers, a punch of trend is added without sacrificing the ease or function of the outfit.  I love the way these shoes can look with a pair of skinny ankle pants, like these from J. Crew, this sweater jacket from Athleta, a simple navy t-shirt and some accessories, including a shocking pink handbag and pendant necklace from Stella & Dot.

Outfit #3

slip-on sneakers

With a casual dress these shoes can also work.  This is the beauty of a pair of slip-on sneakers, they act like loafers or ballet flats while giving you the function of a pair of athletic shoes.  This coral Gap chambray dress works beautifully with the metallic, and the outfit is casually, yet elegantly, finished with a Modcloth tote, gold hoop earrings and green studded Vince Camuto bracelet.

Outfit #4

slip-on sneakersThese shoes can go to work, if, and only if, your work environment is casual.  When wearing these casual slip-on sneakers, however, it is important to elevate the rest of your outfit to balance out how laid back these shoes are.  Also, if wearing them to work, make sure are clean and scuff-free.  I love the way these shoes look with these cropped Alice + Olivia trousers and top from French Connection that looks like a cropped sweater over a blouse.  Wanting to keep this outfit a bit sleeker, I added a bright blue handbag and simple grey stud earrings from Banana Republic.

Outfit #5

slip-on sneakersBored in your leggings and tunic sweater outfits?  Try a shoe change.  These gold slip-on sneakers add an update to this tried and true look, which includes a grey turtleneck sweater tunic from Reiss and a pair of grey Boden leggings.  Added to the outfit is a burgundy handbag from UGG and a pair of smokey earrings from Anthropologie.  What was bland now looks interesting and updated.

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If after this post you are thinking you have to own a pair of slip-on sneakers, check out these other styles found at some of your favorite retailers.