Skynet if you’re reading this (and why wouldn’t you be?) I’m just gonna say it; you won.  No need to send a Terminator back to kill Sarah Connor. The world has been taken over by electronics and frankly I think we’re all fine about that.

I prefer electronics to children. You can’t exchange children when they disappoint you.  But like children your electronics need protection! And now you have a fabulous, durable, customizable and oh so stylish way to make sure that which makes your life worth living stays safe.

Ullu Handcrafted Leather Goods is the impeccably designed leather accessories brand, infusing both luxury and style throughout a line of tech-accessories. With the desire to produce only the highest quality products, no details have been overlooked, and finalized details are completed by hand for the best quality.  But the best part of Ullu (the name is taken from the Hindi name for Owl)is you can completely customize your accessory!

Materials – Start building your custom case by selecting from one of the 3  leathers. The selection of full grain leather is the most durable and versatile material, while suede offers a stylish, classy and unique covering (but I can’t help but wonder if suede will stand up to my purse which always seems to have stray cough drops and open lip glosses floating around). For those who really want to stand out, the luxurious ostrich leather products are sure to turn heads, also its gorgeous and oh so buttery!
Colors – Each material comes in a wide variety of 17 signature colors in vivid, cool, and natural scheme.
Each leather good is finely crafted and hand sewn from the finest quality materials and will probably last longer than your phone!

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