Sex and the City Season 1 Episode 5 “The Power of Female Sex”

Carrie Bradshaw “I have this little substance abuse problem… expensive footwear.”

Every woman who reaches a certain age learns an unpleasant truth; cheap shoes cost more than they save.  I’m talking about cab rides because you are in so uncomfortable you cannot bear the thought of hoofing it three blocks from the subway.  Back pain, foot pain which results in co-pays to your various doctors.  Which brings us to this week Fab Find; TRIPTYCH artisanal footwear, a new AMAZING line of shoes that are extremely NOT cheap but worth every penny.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a party introducing Triptych shoes by Tania Ursomarzo, during Fashion week. The shoes themselves were absolutely pieces of art. I’ve truly never seen anything like them; supremely stylish, category-defying, ergonomic and made in the Italian artisanal footwear tradition with the finest leathers and natural materials available. I’ve always wondered why people would say leather was ‘like butter’. I understand that now. I wanted to rub these shoes on my face, they were so soft! I was told the fabricator is a fourth generation family owned and run factory and one of only a few of its kind left in the world. Their process is unique to the region and authentic in terms of artisanal shoemaking tradition.

The shoes are amazing in that they are designed for movement. The leather is so soft it molds to your feet. The shoes themselves are so comfortable and the heels aren’t so high they will give you back pain.

How long have I been looking for a MEDIUM heel? It seems like women’s shoes are either flat or have 5 inch heels. And these shoes are so versatile. You can wear them with a ball gown at the Met gala or with jeans and a t shirt to the grocery store.

Presently these shoes are not in stores; you can only pre-order them or get them by backing them on kickstarter. And they are not cheap, retailing at $900-1100. But they are worth it.

Recently our esteemed leader Bridgette Raes asked a poll via Twitter “what the most expensive item in your closet?” For me the most expensive thing in my closet is always clothes I buy but never wear because they are too uncomfortable. These shoes are design to be comfortable and with durability in mind. To the point where the sole, which may wear out in a decade or so, can easily be replaced without damaging the shoe.

Learn more at Kickstarter or visit their site at