I have this little pet peeve.  I hate word blends.  Okay, some are cute, like brunch or murse (man purse…that one is just hysterical) but, for the most part, word blends just seem to represent how absolutely lazy we have become; we can’t even say two words anymore, we have to blend them.

Enter skeggings.  Seriously, this is now a word.

What are skeggings?

Skeggings are skirted leggings, meaning the leggings are attached underneath a skirt.  Talk about such an unfortunate word for such a useful clothing item.  When I hear the word skeggings all I can think about is skank.  Skeggings are like leggings, only better, as it has been well established that half the free world has no idea how to wear a pair of leggings.  Skeggings alleviates this problem once and for all.  Not only do we get the same comfort in skeggings that leggings offers but, with them, we don’t have to worry about the visual pollution that comes with the view of someone’s butt in our faces when they wear leggings.  Plus, instead of needing to buy an entire new wardrobe of tops, sweaters and blouses long enough to cover your butt when wearing leggings, skeggings allow you to wear shorter tops and, likely, much more of your existing wardrobe with them. Lastly, skeggings are warmer than wearing a skirt, not to mention, if dressing modestly is important to you, offers a lot more coverage.

All that said,  this is not to say I am completely sold on skeggings for me, they are sort of awkward looking.  Besides, you don’t have to buy a pair of skeggings, you can just throw a pair of leggings under your skirt and, voila, instaskeggings (wait, did I just word blend?).

If you’re someone who thinks skeggings and skirted leggings are a great idea, check out the five ways I styled them, along with my additional tips, using this pair from Eileen Fisher to learn how to wear skeggings.

How to wear skeggings

Outfit #1


Skeggings are perfect for casual days.  Imagine it, you’re running around, you don’t want to wear yoga pants, you want to be as comfortable as you would be in a pair of leggings, but don’t want to be as exposed.  In this outfit, this pair of skeggings is styled with a casual Henley from Boden, a denim jacket, tweed sneakers from Anthropologie, and accessorized with a pendant necklace, burgundy scarf and teal handbag.

Outfit #2


Skeggings aren’t just for casual.  In this sleek and modern outfit, I styled these skirted leggings with this crop top from French Connection, something you could never wear with a pair of leggings.  Well, you could, I guess, but, please don’t.  With it I added a black moto jacket from Reiss, a pair of black heeled booties and accessorized the look with a Kate Spade necklace, Ann Taylor bracelet and black Fossil clutch.  Two totally different looks using the same pair of skeggings.

Outfit #3


Back to casual, these skeggings look great with a sweater, like this cable knit from J. Crew, that you could never get away wearing with a pair of leggings, plus, as the weather gets colder, the leggings attached to the skirt are definitely warmer than a pair of tights.  This outfit is richly styled with puffer vest from The Gap, a pair of Modcloth lace up boots, Incan-inspired gold studs and a Michael Kors handbag.

Outfit #4


Have a tunic sweater that isn’t quite long enough to wear with leggings?  Try it with skeggings. Here you have a drapey cowl neck sweater from Alice + Olivia that looks great styled with skirted leggings.  Added to this look is a pair of knee-high black riding boots from Ivanka Trump, a silver bracelet and earrings and, for a pop of color, a red handbag.

Outfit #5


Wondering what to do with that plaid shirt, like this one?  Try it with skeggings for this autumnal look.  Here the black skeggings are warmed up with a pair of cognac boots, belt, handbag from Frye and a poncho from Lord & Taylor. The outfit is finished with a pair of casual chandelier earrings.

Shop for skeggings

Ready to add skeggings to your wardrobe?  Check out these other styles from around the web.  You can also check out No nonsense’s skeggings at only $15.99.  While I don’t have personal experience with their style, you know how much I love their tights.