This fall, Pantone has claimed their shade called Misted Yellow as one of the top colors of the season.  Despite the fact that Pantone has referred to this shade as an “optimistic” color and that it “alludes to the promise of spring to come”, you may be wondering what a company that sets the standard for color year-after-year would encourage a hue that looks like the equivalent of baby diarrhea.  In my twelve years of styling women, never once has anyone told me that a color that looks anything like Misted Yellow is one of their favorite shades, and yellow, in general, is often at the bottom of the list of beloved colors by many.

So why do a post on how to accessorize with Misted Yellow if it is not exactly an attractive color or a shade few are running out to buy?  Well, believe it or not, I just don’t think this color gets the praise it deserves.  Hear me out.  While most women are not looking to adorn themselves in head-to-toe Misted Yellow (also often referred to as mustard), it is an excellent accent color and one that does play nicely with the other popular colors of the season.  Before you turn your nose up at this color, check out my tips on how to use Misted Yellow as an accessorizing color, and how it actually can be pretty attractive if worn right.  Still don’t believe me?  Check out my tips and outfits below.

How to Accessorize with Misted Yellow

Outfit #1- Misted Yellow Shoes

In the fall many people wear rich, dark colors.  Misted Yellow bounces off most of these colors beautifully while complementing them.  Take the way these shoes from Me Too are working gorgeously with this teal sweater from J. Crew and grey jeans from Elie Tahari.  The palette stays autumnal, yet it is brightened.  Still not convinced that this yellow shade will work with much of your wardrobe?  Even with burgundy thrown into the outfit, through the accent in this necklace from Anthropologie and wine colored handbag from Cole Haan, the combination still works.  Looking for a pop shoe color to go with all your autumnal colors?  Try a Misted Yelow pair of shoes.

Outfit #2- Misted Yellow Bracelet

When it comes to yellow, you don’t need a lot to get a lot because the color is bright, especially when it is added to dark colors.  Here again you can see how well burgundy and Misted Yellow work together, and how a small touch of the color makes a huge impact, with this dress from the Gap and yellow wrap bracelet from Boden.  For a casual look, I added a pair of brown suede boots from Franco Sarto and a rugged handbag from Frye.

Outfit #3- Misted Yellow Handbag

Two weeks ago, I posted about why a green handbag is so versatile.  If green isn’t your thing, yellow is the second most versatile handbag color to consider.  What is also nice about using this color as a handbag shade, besides from it likely going with much of your wardrobe, is you only carry a handbag from point a. to point b., which is much less of a commitment to the color than wearing it.  What is also good to keep in mind about yellow is that it doesn’t just work with earth tones.  In this outfit, this Misted Yellow Coach bag is popping off of an outfit consisting of black pants from Alice + Olivia and a grey French Connection tunic blouse.  The outfit is finished cleanly with a pair of black flats, grey earrings and a gold and black Ann Taylor chain bracelet.  If you feel like your wardrobe is a sea of black and grey, a pop color like Misted Yellow can add some sunshine.

Outfit #4- Misted Yellow Scarf

Admittedly, adding a Misted Yellow scarf to an outfit isn’t for everyone because of the proximity of the color to the face.  However, for those who look good in this color (i.e. those who typically look good in autumn shades and warmer colors), this can be a stunning color to wear.  I love the way the grey touches found in this Misted Yellow scarf works with the grey ponte dress from Boden.  The outfit is finished with a pair of grey boots from Nine West, a Michael Kors handbag and Kate Spade stud earrings, both also in Misted Yellow.

Outfit #5- Misted Yellow Necklace

While you can use Misted Yellow as a pop color, you can also blend it into an outfit, like I am doing here using this necklace from Modcloth.  Being a color that falls well into an autumnal palette, the necklace looks beautiful against this olive top that has been layered with a cashmere cardigan from Athleta in ivory.  To keep the outfit right for the weekend, I added a pair of distressed jeans from J. Crew, a pair of booties from Anthropologie and a fun printed crossbody bag.

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