I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, saw Nirvana play at the North Shore Surf Club in Olympia WA for $5. Paid another $5 to see a then unknown group called Soundgarden at the Capital Theater. I  wore flannel shirts not because they were ‘in’ but because I was cold. I rocked the grunge look by doing all my clothes shopping in thrift shop bargain bins.

But here’s what makes me a weirdo. I don’t have any tattoos. None. At all.

I love the IDEA of tattoos, but the reality makes me cringe. The fact that the ink is literally drilled into your skin with needles? OUCH!  I had a friend tell me the when the itching of her tattoo was ready to drive her mad, she would slap her skin so hard it would sting because the sting was better than the itch. What if you decide you don’t like the design anymore? What can you do to make a tattoo elegant? Maybe it’s because I grew up in a military town, but tattoos instantly scream bikers and low ranking Marines to me.

Is there an elegant alternative to tattoos? Yes!

Gala Award-winning designer Bonny Katzman has partnered with Mary Anne Richman to offer Black Lace Skin Jewelry, a line of lace jewelry designed to wear on bare skin, available in black, matte black, gold, silver, white and ivory with or without crystal embellishments.  The pieces are hypoallergenic, self-adhesive and waterproof. They can be worn comfortable on the skin for up to three days ( with a bit of care) and yes you can take a shower while wearing them! Ready to remove it? They peel off with ease.

I attended Malan Breton Spring 2015 collection presented in the tents at New York Fashion Week for which Black LaceSkin Jewelry was a sponsor. I loved the way they enhanced the clothes with a dash of dark style and effortless chic.
There is even a bridal line!

Check this video from the Malan’s show and the final walk.

And what’s more Black Lace has agreed to giveaway  a  sample to one lucky reader! Leave a comment and say why you want one.

Visit Black Lace Skin Jewelry for more information.