I started wearing glasses when I was 15. I choose a pair of brown round John Lennon style glasses. I wore them for years. Shortly after I turned 30, I went to have my yearly eye exam and got a new pair. As I tried on more round frames the manager walked over, pulled them off my face and literally slapped my hand. He pointed out (pun intended) the round frames made my round face seem even rounder.  He handed me a pair of square frames which I bought.

At work on Monday, everyone told me how pretty I looked. Had I cut my hair? Wearing new lipstick? Lost weight? No I was just wearing the right frames for my face.

Glasses make such an impact on your look and most people can’t afford to own more than one pair or two pairs so you can never really change them, and if you’re like me they are never optional.   Just once during  some cheesy teen movie when they do a ‘makeover’ on an already lovely young woman that consists entirely of pulling her hair out of the ponytail and taking off her glasses,  I’d really like to see her yell, “HEY! I need those to see!”

I’m sad to say that lovely man in Seattle is literally the only example of someone giving me advice while I was buying frames. Usually the worker just shrugs’ and says “they look fine”.

Feix + Iris
A few weeks ago our esteemed leader Bridgette invited me to accompany her to a party at Soho House to celebrate the launch of felix + iris, an exciting new online prescription eyeglass website.  The company is determined to provide you with an exceptional pair of frames, that compliments your features and gives you excellent vision correction at competitive prices.

felix + iris had not only had frames at the party to try on but they had laptops so that all guests could test out the site and see how easy it is to find your perfect frames.   The website takes you thought an online “Fit Profile” to determine which frames suit you.  You can pick out 4 frames that are shipped to your home for free to help you determine which fit  and suit you best. Its called a “Fit Kit”. The Fit Kit even includes instructions on marking the lenses with your specific vision information so it can be personalized for a perfect fit.   And if that wasn’t enough (which it should be, goodness you’re fussy!), you can call and speak with representative Monday thru Friday 9am to 6pm  EST.

A few weeks after the launch party, Bridgette received her glasses from felix + iris, loved them, and posted a photo of them on her Instagram.  She ordered their popular Jordan style with the touch of mint on the inside.  Classic with a bit of a twist.  Just like her.

Blog Images2For more information, check out felix + iris here!