So I have to start this post with a confession.  I haven’t told anyone this yet, not even my family.  But I trust you guys to be understanding.  Okay…here goes.  Two weeks ago, when I was cleaning my closet, I found a navy skirt that I forgot I owned.  I KNOW!!!!!  I can’t believe it.  I still haven’t totally forgiven myself.

Haha, okay, seriously.

Truth be told, I have always prided myself on being someone who knows every single piece in  my closet, so, while I was just being silly and dramatic, I was shocked to find something that I had forgotten about.  I actually got excited about it.  It’s this navy trouser skirt.  Cute, right?


One of the reasons I am so enthused about this skirt is that the style totally works for my lifestyle.  I have no real need for very corporate skirts, like pencil skirts or dressier a-lines.  My life is very casual, and when I do have to attend something more corporate I usually just wear one of my more conservative dresses.  When I wear a skirt, I need it to act like pants or jeans, so it needs to be more separate looking.  This skirt does it because it has a stand-alone feel with the pockets and front closure.  It’s also shorter, so it will look great with flatter and low-heeled boots and shoes, another thing I wear a lot of.  Once the weather gets cold I am basically in boots until the first spring thaw.

Due to overwhelming popularity of last week’s post on how I accessorized a basic burgundy dress from my closet (no, seriously, guys, I have never seen a post get that much feedback before), I decided to reacquaint myself with this skirt and use different tops and accessories to see how many different ways I could style it.

Now, when I start working on these photos, I have big intentions.  I find a ton of stuff, break out my accessories and power up my steamer.  However, after a few looks I have to throw in the towel.  While I normally do these types of outfit photos for my clients, I always work on the fly with my own wardrobe because I know it so well.  Or at least I thought I did until I found this skirt.  Anyway, I still created a ton of looks below that will certainly give you an idea.  I am using the same accessories that I showed you last week and changed up the top a few ways to give you some variety.  Everything I am using here was just hanging around in my wardrobe.

How to Use Accessories to Get More with Less

With a denim shirt

photo 1-9I love my denim shirts.  I have one in a dark wash and one in a lighter wash, which I am showing here.  When I first thought about styling this skirt, I thought about a white button down but changed it out for this.

Here are four more outfits, keeping the base the same and just swapping out accessories.  The beauty of doing this is you don’t get stuck in a rut.  Sure, the outfit may be the same, but, if you’re feeling bored, a simple swap out of jewelry and shoes can make all the difference.

photo 2-9Different necklace and bracelets.  It just adds a splash of color.

photo 3-8You probably remember this necklace from my post from last week.  I never cease to get compliments when I wear.  This green Pashmina is almost 10 years old.

photo 4-8Instead of a necklace, I swapped in a pair of statement earrings and added different boots and a different bracelet.

photo 5-6Lastly, I changed out my earrings to one of my favorite pairs, added a printed scarf that picks up the green, changed out the boots for booties and used the same cuff as the first look.  I would wear brown tights with this outfit.  Actually, I would probably wear brown tights with all of these looks, but may choose the burgundy tights I have in the first outfit too.

A slim grey turtleneck

Next I took my favorite slim grey turtleneck and styled it with the skirt.  The base is clean and there are a few things I can do with it.  Here are some examples.

photo 1-8In this first look, I added some hoop earrings and this wildly versatile Etro scarf that I own.  What I love about it is the pop of yellow.  I used my yellow bracelet to finish the outfit along with my grey boots.  I would probably wear heather grey tights with this outfit, but burgundy ones would look great too.

photo 4-7Next up, my long colorful pendant.  When I wear more of a statement necklace, I usually keep my earrings on the simpler side, and added these gold ones.  Next, I grabbed my favorite Sam Edelman boots and would probably stick with grey tights with this outfit or my burgundy ones.

photo 3-7I do wear a lot of neutrals in the fall and winter.  My summer wardrobe is way more colorful.  What I like about a neutral outfit base is that it offers plenty of opportunity to add color through my accessories.  Here, I used a coral and grey infinity scarf and large turquoise earrings.  I used the same grey boots as used earlier and would style this with grey tights.

photo 2-8I would probably wear my denim jacket with a lot of these outfits, so I wanted to show it at least once.  In this outfit, I added a silver pendant and my silver drop earrings.  For my boots, I added my more rugged pair from Naya.

With a basic top

photo 1-10I have this purple wrap top that I so comfortable and so figure flattering.  It’s a basic knit and in a deep purple.   When I do wear color in the fall and winter it is usually in deeper tones like this one.  To bring some brightness to the outfit, I used another infinity scarf I own that works tonally with the top.  With it, I added a pair of earrings that I find so useful.  Finishing the outfit, I used the same gold cuff bracelet and grey boots.

photo 5-5Here I take this outfit in a green direction.  Remember how I always say green is the most versatile accessory color you can own?  I used this scarf and earrings with my burgundy dress last week, and here it is again with this outfit.  I am using my brown booties in this look, though I could certainly change it up and use the other pairs that I own too.

photo 2-10Lastly, because I did want to show this top with a cardigan, I am using this old standby piece that never fails me.   This time, I used my sold gold necklace, earrings that are purple and gold, and, for a warmer look, added my cognac boots.

Tips to keep in mind when using accessories to get more with less

If you want to get more with less using your accessories, there are some things to keep in mind.

  • First, have variety in your accessories.  I think I said this last week too, but you can’t have a bunch of the same and expect different results.  Having variety is what keeps your outfits from getting boring.  It also encourages less clothing because every time you wear something you can change it up and make it feel different.
  • Second, color, it is crucial.  This is especially important during the colder months.  If you’re anything like me, you don’t wear a lot of color in cold weather.  You don’t have to own every color in the rainbow, but a few different shades will guarantee that you can change up your neutral colors to look completely different.
  • Third, without accessories outfits tend to fall flat, or at least get really boring really quickly.  Part of the reason we tire of our clothing so quickly is that we wear it this same way, completely unaccessorized, every time.   If you’re bored, instead of going out and buying more clothes, why not take a trip to buy some fun accessories.  You might be surprised by how fresh your wardrobe looks when you do this.

Update 10/23/14

I wore one of the outfits I styled above today and thought you might like to see it.  Note the burgundy tights!