I will admit, it took some time for oxfords to grow on me.  I still haven’t bought a pair and I’m not sure if I will.  But I do like the look of them a lot more than when they first popped back on the scene a few years ago.  My reluctance has more to do with the fact that once the weather gets cold I usually just wear boots.  I can’t even remember the last time I owned a pair of shoes with laces.  Hopefully shoe tying is like riding a bike, you never forget how to do it.  Yet I do like the way people have been wearing oxfords, particularly with tights and ankle length pants.  I just wonder how my large ankles and super tiny feet will look in them.  I guess there is only one way to find out.

Oxfords have a very masculine or androgynous look about them, which can be cute or can fail miserably.  It all depends on how they are styled.  When I think about oxfords worn in a bad way, I can’t help but think of Selma Green, from Big Love, who wore suits and ties and dressed like a guy.  If this is what you want to avoid,  in today’s wear-to-work post I am going to give you some tips.   Check out the outfits and advice below.

How to wear oxfords

Outfit #1

how to wear oxfords to work

Choose heeled oxfords

There are so many oxfords styles to choose from, including heeled ones, like this pair from Dr. Scholl’s, that I am sort of coveting.  I think if I were to pick up a pair of oxfords this is the route I would take.  Having heavier legs and larger ankles, a higher heel would probably work better for me.

I also like the way heeled oxfords look with skirts, like in this outfit.  Here I styled this pair of oxfords with a printed Boden skirt and cropped ivory sweater from J. Crew.  To add a little pop, I chose this Bauble Bar necklace and burgundy tights.

how to wear oxfords

Feminize your oxfords

Because oxfords can look very masculine, if this is something you are trying to avoid, look to balancing the masculinity by adding some femininity to your outfit.  My first step in adding some feminine touches to this look was to choose this pair of Enzo Angiolini oxfords in pink.  But you can take it even further.

With these plaid cropped trousers from J. Crew and basic tunic blouse from the Gap, I added more feminine touches by adding some rose gold jewelry, a spangly bracelet from Stella & Dot and earrings from Eddie Borgo.  Lastly, I added this pink printed scarf from Lord & Taylor that not only brings color up towards the face, but further feminizes this look.

Outfit #3

how to wear oxfords

Choose more feminine styles

Classic oxfords can be clunky looking.  However, with all the different styles out there, you can find pairs that look like modified ballerina flats and loafers, or that have a more streamlined design, like this pair from Stuart Weitzman do.  Despite the fact that they have a menswear pattern to them, they still look feminine because of their less clunky appearance.  If you are looking to wear oxfords with dresses and skirts, you may find shapes like this more appealing.

Here I am styling these shoes with a green shift dress from Modcloth.  With this dress silhouette being so popular, oxfords can make a great companion to them.  Shift dresses are typically on the shorter side, so you will probably want to wear a flatter pair of shoes.  Finishing this outfit, I added a black necklace from Max & Chloe, bangles from Ann Taylor and black tights.

Shop for oxfords

Does this post have you inspired to shop for oxfords?  Check out these styles