Happy Halloween! As this year’s Holiday season descends upon us and, here at Bridgette Raes’ blog,  are determined to make it as painless as possible. Throughout November we will present an assortment of great Friday’s Fab Find products that will comfort you and make the stress of seasons a little easier to bear. One VERY LUCKY reader will be taking home a gift bag full of all the products we’re offering!_

November is the month to TREAT YOURSELF!  A few simple steps are all you need to have a chance to win a gift bag full of fun treats.

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Yes it’s just that simple. Do that each week and you are closer to winning all the products we are featuring this month!

The first gifts that will be part of the gift bag is all about health.  That’s right, treat yourself to health and a brilliant smile.

Wireless Wipes

Treat Yourself
We featured them last year but they such a great product we are featuring them again! Did you know our phones and other electronics can be filthier than a toilet seat? Why? Because while once a week you clean your toilet (or you should!)   but do you ever clean your phone? Well you now you can with one quick wipe.

Wireless Wipes are wonderful non corrosive wipes designed expressly for phones and other electronics to disinfect and clean. The company has generously donated 3 pouches of wipes (green tea cucumber, rosemary peppermint, pomegranate citrus) to add to our gift bag. Protect yourself through cold and flu season!

Smile Brilliant

Treat Yourself The wonderful people at Smile Brilliant  generously sent free tray creation kits to myself and Bridgette Raes. Smile Brilliant provides lab direct, custom fitted teeth whitening trays and whitening gel you can use in the comfort of your home. Going to a dentist for the same service can cost up to $600!

You are sent a kit with step by step instructions on how to create your own custom fit tray with the impressions of your teeth, you return the impressions and a dental lab will create a custom tray with a perfect fit. Once you receive your trays the mail, time to start whitening your teeth! Some customers have reported results in a few as 3 treatments.

The lucky winner will get this service for free as Smile Brilliant has donated a tray creation kit for our “Treat Yourself!” gift bag.

Come back each Friday for the entire month of November to find what will be added to the “Treat Yourself!” gift bag next and to get closer to winning!  And, remember, to enter, don’t forget to follow all the steps above for entry into the contest.