Years ago, I used to travel a lot.  I’m not talking a flight a month, here.  I’m talking nearly 30 flights a month.  Sometimes I would be in four times zones in four days.  No, I wasn’t moonlighting as a flight attendant, my need to fly as often as I did was because my book had released and I spent a lot of time afterwards flying around the country doing television appearances.

Needless to say, I am a bit of an expert traveler and mastered airline travel in style.  Over the course of all these flights, I learned these little things to make my flights much easier and bearable.  Considering the time of year has arrived where millions of people will be traveling for the holidays, I thought it would be smart to share some of my travel tips.  Watch the video below.  Also, if you want to pack a carry on bag like an ace, read my fool-proof tips for packing one.

Bon voyage!