Despite the fact that the holiday season seems to start earlier and earlier every year (like wrapping paper sold in drugstores in August), as of Friday, the holiday shopping season will officially be underway.  It has gotten so crazy that Thanksgiving now just feels like an opportunity to carb load before hitting the stores.  Truthfully, I am glad to see some backlash towards Black Friday starting earlier and earlier and that many stores won’t be opening on Thanksgiving.  I mean, just how much consumerism do we need?  This is not to say that I don’t enjoy giving and getting gifts, or the spirit of the holidays, let’s just not forget what is really important.  Perspective, please!

That said, like it or not, you will probably be doing some holiday shopping this year, either big or small.  It’s inevitable, unless you are a hermit, of course.  Feeling the pressure to find the right gifts, don’t have a lot of time, or have some picky people on your list that you have to shop for?  Well, you’re in luck.  Below is my stylish holiday gift guide for all types of women in your life, from the glamour puss to the new mom, the conscious-minded gal to the corporate raider.  Check out the shopping suggestions below.

While you’re at it, be sure to also check out my online boutique where I curate shopping suggestions and am always updating.  You will find some of my favorite items, things my clients are loving and notable products and styles I think you should definitely know about.  Consider me your partner in holiday shopping.  So, let’s get started with some of my stylish holiday shopping suggestions below.

The Holiday Gift Guide: Stylish Must-Haves for All Types

Let’s start with the glamour gal.  We all know someone like her.  She is the epitome of fabulous, knows how to have a good time and surrounds herself with luxurious things.

I think this girl needs a fabulous wine stopper, like this one from Zappos.  You know, for those few times a bottle of her wine goes unfinished.  Next, why not a pair of sharp earrings to help her finish her daring looks, like these from Modcloth?  Sunglasses can be hard to choose for someone, but you can consider getting this sunglasses storage box from Nordstrom for all her shades that she wears when she is throwing shade.  Rounding out the list, a fur travel scarf (faux, of course) from Barefoot Dreams, a rhinestone bracelet from Banana Republic, glamorous iPhone case from Anthropologie, deep red lipsticks by Rihanna for M.A.C., a glittery clutch to add some sparkle to her eye catching outfits and, for those rough mornings, The Hungover Cookbook by Milton Crawford.  If she actually cooks.

Next, the glass ceiling breakers, women who are on a mission to kick asses and take names on their way up the corporate ladder.  These women are serious about their careers and have little time for fluff or useless items.  When it comes to shopping for these type-A goal-oriented career gals, think practical.

For starters, Birchbox sells this Minimergency kit from Pinch that contains all the personal and self-care items a any busy woman would need so she can keep going.  Next, you can never go wrong with a business card case, like this one from Kate Spade.  With practicality in mind, a great tote bag suggestion would be one that the professional woman can use with everything, like this bag from MICHAEL Michael Kors that is both tan and black.  For the professional who lives on her smartphone, consider a pair of gloves with a touch sensor.  For the traveling corporate gal, a thoughtful gift could be a bright luggage tag, like this one from Rebecca Minkoff, that will help your jet-setting friend claim her luggage quickly at the carousel.  Lastly, ambitious women tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves to succeed.  A lot of time their successes comes from feeling the fear and doing it anyway.  This is why a book like, It’s Going to Be Okay: A Journal to Reassure Myself When I am Overwhelmed is a great suggestion.

For the tech lover, the holidays are a great time to look for fun gifts, especially this year with all the stylish smart devices hitting the market.

First, you have to check out Tory Burch for Fitbit and the gold caged bangle that looks more like a piece of jewelry than technology.  Next, speakers for her portable device, like this large pink speaker gem from Nordstrom will amplify both her feminine and techy side.  Another suggestion is a portable phone charger, like this one from Free People, that is not only useful, but stylish, as well.  For the music lover, you have to take a look at these earmuff headphones from Bloomingdales and, lastly, a pro-pen Stylus from Target will make it even easier for this techy lady to use her tablet.

The girly girl likes pretty things, fluff and, usually feminine colors.  When shopping for this woman, it is best to look for things that are visually appealing in a soft and romantic manner.  While you may not be able to get her Prince Charming, you can check out these gifts.

First, cameos are very girly girl and this one from Modcloth would be a great accessorizing addition.  Next, for girly comfort, UGGs makes this pair of pink slippers that will make sure this lover of feminine things is still girly looking when she is lounging about.  For the watch lover, check out this ultra-girly watch from Betsey Johnson with a floral face.  And it’s likely that Audrey Hepburn is this woman’s idol, so the book What Would Audrey Do? by Pamela Keogh would be a fantastic stocking stuffer and  the bible for girly-girl living.  Coming up next, you can’t forget lace, and Hanky Panky sells a box set of their classic lace thongs, and, while you’re in a feminine state of mind, you can also consider some sparkly makeup brushes from Smashbox or some perfume, like this set from Chloe.

Buying holiday gifts for the new mom requires thinking in a balanced way.  You have to remember that this woman was probably fawned over before giving birth and, now that the baby has been born, the limelight is off of her.  The new mom is also probably exhausted.  Speaking for myself, whenever someone I know gives birth I always bring the mom a personal and pampering gift that she will appreciate just to let her know she hasn’t been forgotten about.

The first gift idea is to get this new mom a day spa gift card, like one from SpaWeek that can be purchased at Target.  The great thing about this type of gift card is she can use it at participating spas in her area.  Next, comfortable pajamas that easily open in the front if she is breastfeeding, some body lotions, like these from Bliss, and a sleeping mask.  They say that new moms sleep when baby sleeps. But, babies are often nocturnal.  For those moments that the new mom needs to get a little shut eye during the day, this sleeping mask from Birchbox could be a thoughtful gift. Lastly, dry shampoo.  How many moms complain that they can’t get  a shower?  At least the new mom can freshen up her hair and feel somewhat normal.

Of course, we can’t forget about the baby too.  Some smart gift ideas are the Skip Hop Forma Pack ‘n’ Go Diaper Tote and this extendable bunting for the stroller from one of my favorite baby companies, 7 A.M. Enfant.

The Naturalista is the woman who prefers the outdoors, being active and likes to shop from companies that are making a difference, giving back or producing their products consciously.

Here are a few things that the Naturalista might enjoy receiving for the holidays.  First, Birchbox makes their Conscious Commerce Collection, which is a grouping of items from companies that give back in some way.  Next, did you know that vegan and animal activist, Alicia Silverstone, has a cosmetics line with Juice Beauty?  All of her products are organic.  For the active, Naturlista, a great stocking stuffer could be some boot shine from Hunter or you can get her a new yoga mat bag from Athleta.  Rounding out the gifts, consider a soy candle, a vegan tote bag, like this reversible one from Free People, or some restorative bath soak from Mio.

I think every woman has a bit of quirky in her.  It’s that part in every one of us that is playful and silly and reminds us to not take life too seriously.   Yet, don’t mistake the quirky girl for flighty just because she likes to have and goes with the flow.  Often she has a great eye for design, a comfort in her own skin and prefers form and function combined.

There are a few things to consider for the quirky girl, all which should be visually appealing.  When I think of the word quirky the first company to come to mind is Alessi.  When I used to travel to Italy a lot I would always buy something from this company that makes really adorable, yet functional products, like this fabric shaver.  Next, how cute is this tea infuser from Modcloth?  Other products to consider is this tape measure bracelet, a pair of funky bootie slippers from Nordstrom, this Banana Republic elephant keychain, funky zipper pouch from Jonathan Adler and, last but not least, this hysterical book titled, Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book by Diane Muldrow.

With this stylish holiday gift guide I hope I just made shopping for some of your favorite people a bit easier.  Still on the hunt?  Don’t forget to shop my online boutique, updated regularly.

Happy holidays!