Congratulations to our TREAT YOURSELF Gift Bag winner! We are so happy to bestow this to one of our lucky lucky readers. We love you! Without you we’re nothing.

It’s the holiday season, time for food, family and guilt.  Bridgette already put together an AMAZING gift guide for the holidays and now these are the Fab Finds from the past year would also make great holiday gift ideas.

Holiday Gift Ideas From Our Year of Fab Finds

Gemz Shoe Kit

Have some little kids who are budding designers or fashionistas?  Give them a Gemz Shoe kit! This is so much fun I’m quite angry they don’t make these kits in women’s size 7.5.

Sock Panda

Who doesn’t love getting stuff in the mail? Why not sign someone up for subscription service? This year we covered Sock Panda, a fun subscription service that sends you a pair of socks every month!


Know someone who loves to try out new beauty products?  Birchboxes are a fun and easy way to figure out what you love (and what you hate) for only $10 a month.


Looking to gift someone with fun and unique accessories? Check out BANGS shoes,  a great company that not only makes fun stylish durable shoes but provides real opportunities for their workers.

Origami Owl

Origami Owl provides a way to personalize a unique piece of jewelry for a loved one.

Harkiss Designs

Or check out Harkiss Designs with their unique and reasonably priced one of a kind items.

Normal Earphones

Normal Earphones are personalized, shaped and created to fit individual ears using 3D printer technology.  They are not cheap but they are very high quality, so I gift certificate would a great gift.

Jord Watches

Looking for a gift for the men in your life?  Jord Watches generously contributed a beautiful wood  women’s watch to our gift bag.  Of course they have a line of watches for men! Rugged, durable, very comfortable and completely unique these make great gifts.

Beekman 1802

But what about the unexpected gift? It’s so awkward when someone has a gift for you and you have nothing for them! You know I adore Beekman 1802 and their amazing goat soap.

Simply buy several bars of their awesome soap, have a few gift bags on hand and when your ex sister law drops by with a bottle of wine, pop a bar of soap in a gift bag and she’ll be shocked by how thoughtful you are!

And what if no one gives you an expected gift? Stuff those Beekman soaps into your underwear drawer, where they will depart a lovely scent until you are ready to use them.

Come Clean Pop Culture Soap

We also covered Come Clean Pop Culture Soap.  If you’re looking for a gift with a bit more whimsy or check out their soaps for dogs if you have a friend with a dog or a friend who IS a dog!

Now get shopping!

What gifts do you plan to give? What gifts do you hope to receive?