Fashion is often seen as a dog-eat-dog world.  Competitiveness, backbiting and shallowness are just a few words that come to mind.  To make it in the fashion industry you have to be tough, no doubt about it, but this doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk.

Having been in the fashion industry for over 20 years, I can attest to the fact that some of the kindest and generous people work in fashion.  In fact, some of the dearest people I have met in my life have been through my career.  Having made the jump from fashion designer to stylist, author and now relatively well known blogger, my fashion-friend circle has expanded as I have gotten to know many other fashion and style bloggers from all over the world.  I love this community of amazing people.   We support each others blogs and communicate with each other regularly in the cyberworld through all forms of social media.  While I have never met any of these bloggers in person, I feel a strong connection to them and what they do and wish them all nothing but continued success.

What These Top Fashion and Style Bloggers Want for the Holidays

In the spirit of the holidays and community, I decided to reach out to some of my fashion and style blogger friends to see what was on their own holiday wish lists.  You really do have to wonder what a blogger, who is so keenly tuned into the world of fashion, is coveting, right?  Below are four top fashion and style bloggers, some you may know well, and what they’re hoping to find under their trees.

Alison Gary- Wardrobe Oxygen

Style BloggersAlison Gary’s blog, Wardrobe Oxygen is a breath of fresh air for your closet, offering personal style and fashion advice for women over 30.  With such a successful and highly followed blog, it comes as no surprise that Alison is inspired by Diane VonFurstenberg and would like to receive her book The Woman I Wanted to Be.  In fact, Alison told me that she read her book A Signature Life and also found and devoured her late ’70s book Diane von Furstenberg’s Book of Beauty.  She loves that that her Book of Beauty was published in 1977 but 90% of it is still relevant today.

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Debbie Roes – Recovering Shopaholic

Style BloggersDebbie Roes’ incredibly insightful and generously candid blog, Recovering Shopaholic  chronicles her journey to shop more consciously, trade her full closet for a full life, and help others to do the same.  With this mindful approach to shopping, it makes total sense that Debbie would be coveting such a high quality item like this pair of Aquatalia riding boots.  Not only will these boots last forever and stand up in foul weather, but Debbie has learned to carefully decipher the true needs of her closet.  Plus, as Debbie pointed out, I told her she need a pair of black riding boots and said, “This should be reason enough.”  Thanks, Debbie!

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Sally McGraw- Already Pretty

Style BloggersGiven the fact that Sally McGraw, of Already Pretty, is based in Minnesota, it came as no surprise to me when she told me that she wants this Icelandic wool tunic from Nordic Store.  Aside from fair isle being incredibly popular right now, do you know how cold it gets in Minnesota in winter?    But it’s not just about keeping warm and staying stylish for Sally, her popular and beautiful daily blog is about the intersection of style and body image has a mission to show that body knowledge gained through explorations of personal style can foster self-love and self-respect.

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Rosana Vollmerhausen – DC Style Factory

Style BloggersRosana Vollmerhausen, of DC Style Factory, a personal styling company based in Washington, DC. and blog that provides wardrobe tips to local designer profiles to local style events and more, knows what is important– her family!  What I love most about her desire to purchase a keepsake necklace with her kids’ initials is that she wants to do it with style by putting this Alex Woo necklace on her holiday gift wish list.  You hear that?  Moms can be stylish too!

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 During this time of consumerism let’s focus on what’s really important

Yes, it is fun to want things for the holidays.  We all have our lists just like these wonderful fashion and style bloggers do.  However, as we get closer to the big holiday celebrations, I think it is important to close with some thoughts from Debbie Roes of Recovering Shopaholic,

“I think it’s very easy to overdo it this time of the year, even if one isn’t a compulsive shopper.   There are sales everywhere and lots of hype that leads us to feel like we might “miss out” (you know that FOMO…) on good deals.  We also tend to feel pressure to buy the “perfect” gift for everyone in our lives.  Remember that your loved ones don’t necessarily need extravagant gifts.  Often what they really want is the gift of your time and attention.  Above all, try your best to enjoy the season and keep everything in perspective. I used to really go overboard with buying for others and myself and ended up stressed out, exhausted and broke when it was all over.   That’s not what it’s really all about.  Now I try to keep things much more simple and I’m much happier (and less broke) as a result.”

And this, my friends, is why I’d take a macaroni necklace and a handmade card from my six year old niece for Christmas over anything else.  But, of course, I wouldn’t turn down this satchel from Vince Camuto in taupe, too.

What’s on your holiday wish list?  Did you get inspired by these fabulous bloggers?  Let me know below!  And don’t forget to consult my online boutique where I curate some great shopping ideas from all over the web!