Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a fun and fulfilling holiday season.  January (my birthday month!)is upon us .  January can be restful due to the lack of holidays, but that can also free up some time to tackle some projects.  Given that after Christmas sales can bring such bargains why not take a Saturday to clean out your closet to make room for new stuff? Our esteemed leader Bridgette posted this wonderful flow chart that can help simplify matters.

Now you might be asking “um Cam its Friday, are you going to get the Fab Find portion of this article anytime soon?”

I’m so glad you asked! So now you have a pile of clothes you don’t want/need what to do?

Recently I found this online site devoted to recycling designer clothes for women called Material Wrld. It’s quite simple.  Select items from your closet that match the 30 handbag designers and 130 clothing designers Material Wrld.  Request a mail in kit, pack the items up and send them in with a prepaid shipping label you print out yourself.  Or if you happen to be lucky enough to live in Manhattan, you can request a valet to come pick your items up or even drop them off in person.

In a few days you’ll receive a no pressure offer, detailing how much money you will receive for each item.  You can accept the offer for all the items or have certain ones returned, or if you don’t like the offer request them all back, no questions asked.

Accept that offer and within days you’ll receive a gift card so you can head out and hit those January sales!

Does it get any better? Yes it does. For every trade you make with Material Wrld, the company will donate %10 of the total to a charity they support, and you get pick which one.

If  the company doesn’t want an item, but you don’t want to take it back, Matriael Wrld will donate it to Dress for Success, so a less fortunate woman can finally have that interview suit she needs to get her dream job.

How great is that?

If you find items in your closet that aren’t’ on Material Wrld designer lists but you still want to “rehome” them consider Swapdom.com.

It’s a great way to clean out your closet and get news things without spending much.