Girls Season 1 Episode 2 “Vagina Panic”
Hannah: “I never know when I’m gonna get my period and it’s always a surprise. And that’s why all my underwear is covered in weird stains.”

My periods have never been regular. I was the first girl in Mrs Scribner’s 5th grade class to get one, which seems like it would be a bragging point but since my mother had never had “the talk” with me about it, I had no idea what was happening.  I thought I was bleeding to death.

Just last month my Aunt Flo showed up three days early.  I’ll spare you the details but that really pretty pink nightshirt I got at 50% off from Bloomingdale’s was in the trash later that day.

ARRGGGGHHHH.  Damn you unpredictable uterus! You’re the reason I can’t have nice things.

One of the greatest things about writing the Fab Finds for Bridgette Raes is you can discover amazing products that are so obvious and have such great applications you can only wonder why no one thought of that sooner.

Introducing Thinx Underwear! You have a smart phone, now you can have smart panties.

Smarter underwear, which is leak and stain resistant keeping you dry and protecting your clothes. DUH!

Light, comfortable with an amazing absorbency, they can keep you from being caught off guard during that time of the month. The quadtech technology works with four layers: moisture wicking layer(keep you feeling dry) anti-microbial/stain-resistant layer, absorption layer ( absorbing 2-6 teaspoons of liquid, depending on the style) and lastly the super thin layer with leak-resistant sides so you can feel  confident and protected.

You can use them as back up for your tampons and pads or, depending on your flow, to replace them entirely!

If that’s not enough, they are gorgeous and comfortable. You know if these had existed in the 80’s  my super cute pink and white striped pants might not have been ruined by an unpleasant surprise.

If it isn’t enough to have smart comfy good-looking panties that can protect you during your period, buying Thinx Underwear helps young girls in developing countries stay in school.  Currently, over 100 million girls in the developing world are missing and dropping out of school because they don’t have the right resources every day of the month. They are using unimaginable things like leaves, old dirty rags and plastic bags. To help solve this, for every pair of THINX underwear you buy, you help one girl in the developing world stay in school by providing her with seven washable, reusable cloth pads.

Thinx has agreed to giveway a free pair of Thinx underwear to a lucky Bridgette Raes reader. Leave a comment, share the story and ‘like’ She Thinx FB for a chance to win!