Years ago I was chatting with Project Runway’s Tim Gunn at a party. He had recently bought an apartment after living in the same 5 floor walk up on Perry Street for decades. His new building has an elevator. Having spent years proud his ability to eat what he wanted and never gain a pound he was startled when his pants started getting tight, and not happy having to cut back on his treats. He had underestimated how crawling up and down 5 flights of stairs day after day can burn a lot of calories.

Even fitness experts agree, little things can add up. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator even just a few times a week can mean burning hundreds calories.

When I was first introduced to Skinnyme bangles I thought the idea sounded, well, kinda like a joke.

The bracelets weight ½ pound and are sold in pairs.  They are stylish, big clunky bracelets that look very 80’s in black or neon pink edged with gold. The 80’s are back though.   Did you see Kim Kardashian at the Grammy’s?

That outfit was so 80’s it was purchased at Krystal Carrington’s garage sale.

I decided to wear them for a few hours to see how much of a ‘workout’ I really would get. I had to take the one on my right wrist off after 10 minutes. It kept slamming into things (I’m right handed).  I kept the other on my left wrist til lunch.  The following day my left arm DID feel a little sore. They aren’t going to replace the free weights at your gym, but if you wore them regularly you would burn quite a few extra calories.  And oddly I found the weighs themselves surprisingly useful around the house. I used them to keep a cookbook propped open, and get a sweater to lay flat.

I give them a muscular thumbs up.  Check out SkinnyMe Bangles here.

**You should always consult your doctor before beginning an exercise program.