As I am sure you have figured out by now here at Bridgette we are WACKY for places that offer custom designed clothes.  We have featured companies like Numari and Carrie Hammer.  Now we have another one FitMeSo!

FitMeSo is unique from other places in that it walks you through the process not just getting your measurements perfect but letting you design the dress yourself. You pick the bodice, skirt, sleeves and fabric!  Before you actually create the dress Fitmeso will happily send you some swatches so you can take a better look at the fabric. I never really thought much about fabric, but after pre-designing my dress and getting swatches sent to me, I was thrilled to see the samples.

One fabric I was pretty ho hum on  when I saw it on the website “Golden Wheels on Blue background” but in person it’s SO GORGEOUS I simply must have it!

Depending on what choices you make a dress that will cost between $250-$500 which is a great price for a custom designed bespoke handmade gown. I’m so excited to create something I can wear to weddings (I seem to be at that age where all my friends are getting married…and trying to fix me up).  Or something I can wear to the office. But whatever I create I know it will fit like a glove.

When you sign up you get a free tape measure!