I love trench coats for work.  I love them for the weekend too.  How can you not just love them, period?  They are classic, elegant, useful, functional, and can be worn when doing just about anything.  My clients are always looking for good trench coats, so today’s post on how to wear them to work and on the weekends gave me the opportunity to do a little shopping around for them while also giving you tips.  In today’s wear-to-work post, it is all about the classic trench.

Trench coats are classic

There really haven’t been a lot of changes made to this classic item.  You could buy one today and, if you stick with a classic, you will probably be able to wear it until the day you die.  This is why many style experts suggest investing in one, it will be money well spent.  Sure, a classic Burberry Heritage trench may set you back around $1,600 but if you wear it for the next 20 years, this investment will more than pay for itself.

Of course, not everyone has this sort of money just lying around to put towards one clothing item, no matter how good of an investment it is.  This is always the one flaw with the cost-per-wear theory.  We can all support the concept, we just can’t all afford to get on board with it.  Yet, if you do have the money to put towards a classic trench coat, do it.  It will be worth it.

If you don’t have wads of cash to invest in a trench coat, don’t worry, there are plenty of styles out there that won’t break the bank and will still get you years of wear.  Plus, when spending less you might find yourself willing to take more risk with color and styling.  Take, for example, a Forever 21 trench coat I bought in bright yellow that I wear to death.  It won’t hold up until I am old and grey, but, that’s okay, I’m not expecting it to.

Trench Coats for Work and Weekend

The most alluring thing about a trench coat is that it can easily go from work to weekend.  The same trench looks great with a business look as it does with a pair of jeans on the weekend.  In fact, even if you are heading to a cocktail event and need a light coat you can wear a trench.  It doesn’t matter if you spend $100 or $1,000 you will find you will get tremendous use from it in all areas of your life.

Below are three classic trench styles (and check out the end of this post for even more) styled three ways for work and then styled three ways for the weekend to show you how much use you can get from having one in your closet.

Outfit #1

trench coat for work

Long trench coats, like this one from Reiss, can be great for work when wearing a lot of skirts and dresses, especially when it is cold and you want leg coverage.  They work with tailored pants, as well.  On the weekends, long trench coats don’t always work like shorter ones do.  However, if you have cocktail plans and need a light coat, a trench can be a great item to have on hand.  Before you invest in a trench it is important to look at the majority of your wardrobe and see if a short one or long one would be the better choice.  Personally, I’m more of a fan of the knee length because it seems to be the most versatile.

In the outfit on the left, the trench works with this printed dress from Tory Burch, nude heels from Corso Como, a blue necklace from Stella & Dot, blue Calvin Klein handbag, Ann Taylor bangle and burgundy scarf from Zappos.com.

On the right, the trench is layered over the after-five look consisting of a lace dress from Karen Millen, lace pumps from BCBG, red Diane Von Furstenberg clutch, black chandeliers from Max & Chloe and sheer black scarf from Nordstrom.

Outfit #2

trench coats for work

This J. Crew trench is a great example of a classic that will never go out of style while not completely breaking the bank.  This particular length is also very versatile.  As you can see, it can work with a skirt or dress while also working well with pants or jeans.  It’s a style that can easily go from work to weekend.

In the outfit on the left, I created this classic work outfit using a navy ponte skirt from Boden, a camel cable sweater layered over this Ann Taylor button down shirt.  With this base, I added a pair of brown suede pumps from Ivanka Trump, a cognac tote from Banana Republic, basic gold stud earrings and this absolutely gorgeous paisley scarf from Echo Designs.  Your trench may stay classic but scarves are great for changing up the look of it.

On the right, this trench coat is perfect for the weekend when styled with these skinny jeans from Michael Kors, a knit top from Modcloth, pair of teal Hunter rain boots, yellow handbag, blue drop earrings and another Echo Designs scarf that picks up all the colors of the outfit.

Outfit #3

trench coats for work

This last trench from the Gap is the least expensive of the three, but it certainly is just as classic.  It is going to work in a business casual way with these basic black pants from Reiss, a coral cardigan draped over a French Connection tunic blouse, colorful pendant from Bauble Bar and ivory Big Buddha handbag.  The outfit is finished with a pair of aqua Geox flats that are waterproof.

On the right, the trench works casually with a pair of skinny olive cargos from J. Crew, and a cropped Boden sweater in grey that has been accessorized with a gold multi-layered necklace, warm grey Vince Camuto handbag and gold ballerina flats from Steve Madden.  These metallic flats aren’t waterproof, but nobody says you can only wear your trench on rainy days.  I wear mine on any mild day that requires a light jacket.