I can be a very cynical person at times. It’s a byproduct of living in New York (and my nightmare of a childhood). I am so grateful to know Bridgette Raes and to be able to write this column.  Not just because its fun and I get to discover new and exciting products and services, I also get to see a lot of good being done. Companies and people determined to be part of the solution.

Union & Fifth is a company that has a great mission: To raise money for incredible non-profits by providing gently used designer clothing.

In 2012 sisters in law Pam Trefler & Christena Reinhard cleaned out their closet-selling the clothes though a traditional consignment store to raise money for non profits. They raised $40,000. Then they thought “Hey can we do this on a  larger scale?” And Union & Fifth was born.

If you want to donate items , contact the company, request a label or bag (both are free)  Union & Fifth will photograph the items, and put them on sale. You pick the nonprofit you want the money to go to and at the end of the year you receive a tax deduction receipt for the total value of the items sold.

Don’t have any items you want to donate?  Well, you also shop on Union & Fifth! You can shop by item type or the by nonprofit you want to the money to go to.

They have some fantastic items, including some vintage Chanel purses I would kill for. Learn more at www.unionandfifth.com