With warmer weather coming, colorful shoes are an excellent addition to your wardrobe.  As an accessorizing pop, they can make the simplest of outfits look more exciting.  One things my clients know is the benefit of having shoes in a variety of colors.  In fact, I once remember having a bunch of my clients in the same room and someone remarking how not one of these women had a pair of black shoes on.

Without a doubt, black shoes have their place in most women’s wardrobes.  However, if you have been feeling bored in what you have been wearing it might be time to consider a few more colorful options.  Yet, with all the choices out there, how does one decide what colors to pick from that will guarantee they get the same amount of wear as their basic black pairs?  Well, never fear, this is why I am here.  Looking to take a giant step towards adding more colorful shoes?  Here are five color options that are just as versatile as black.

How to Add Colorful Shoes to Your Wardrobe

Below are five outfits. On the left you’ll see the black shoe option and on the right is the exact same pair of shoes only in a different color.  Everything else remains the same.

Versatile shoe color #1- Beige

colorful shoes

Call them nude, beige or tan, it doesn’t matter, shoes that closely match your skin tone (whatever tone that is) is a must-have shoe color that every woman should own.  You know I mean business when I say this because there are few wardrobe items in this world that I think every woman should buy.  However, there are a few reasons why this color is a must.

First, your legs will look longer and leaner when you wear them with bare legs or stockings.  Secondly, these shoes will go with whatever color you are wearing, even black.  You can’t even say that about black shoes.  Third, the color is just feminine and lady-like, while also being professional when worn with work clothing, like tailored suits, pants, dresses and skirts.

The style of beige shoes doesn’t really matter.  You can look for a pair of pumps, sandals, flats, and more.  Buy whatever type of beige shoes you need based on your lifestyle.

In the outfit above, I styled this black Reiss dress with the same shoes, basic pumps from Vince Camuto.  Both colors work equally well.  Finishing this outfit I used a coral bag from Brahmin, a pair of Bauble Bar earrings and a rose gold cuff from Stella & Dot.

Versatile shoe color #2- Metallic

colorful shoes

Metallic shoes are another great color to own, especially in the warmer months.  You can choose gold or silver, though I am partial to gold.  With metallic shoes you can take the most basic of outfits and make them really pop.  Take a little black dress that is accessorized or metallic heels or a maxi dress in the summer that looks even better with a gold pair of sandals.  In addition, like beige shoes, the versatility in metallic comes from the fact that it really doesn’t matter what color you are wearing, metallic will work.  Again, you can’t say this about black shoes.

In this outfit, this casual weekend look consisting of a pair of red Boden jeans and sleeveless black Modcloth tunic looks great with the black Tieks flats, but looks even better with the same pair in gold.  As you know, Tieks are an investment (read my review here), so if you are going to buy them make sure they are in a color that you will be able to wear often.  Speaking for myself, I live in my Wild Copper pair.  This outfit is finished with a pair of black druzy earrings, gold bangle from Ann Taylor and a white handbag from Rebecca Minkoff.

Versatile shoe color #3- Coral

colorful shoes

When you are shopping for shoes it is so easy to gravitate towards the black pairs.  However, often right next to the black is the same shoe in a variety of colors just waiting for you to pick them.  Instead of your typical knee-jerk reaction towards black why not try one of the other shades?   A very versatile color is coral because it plays so well with other hues while also adding some refreshing pop to neutrals.

In the outfit above, I took the same sandals from Nine West in black and coral and styled them with a very basic outfit consisting of a grey skirt from Mango, cobalt cardigan from J. Crew, simple knot earrings from Banana Republic and grey bag from Botkier.  With the black sandals the outfit looks like something everyone would wear and with just a change of color the outfit looks more interesting.

Versatile shoe color #4- Green

colored shoes

I am not known for saying “when in doubt, go green” for nothing.  I am known for saying this about accessories because there truly is no other color like green that is as versatile for accessorizing.  If you are just stepping out and want to add shoes in a color to your wardrobe you will not fail with green.  Green is a colored neutral, meaning it is a color that acts like a neutral shade in terms of versatility.  Think of a color, any color on the planet, and you can add green to it.  Even consider that the stems of all flowers are green and you’ll realize how well the color works with everything.

With the magenta dress from Modcloth, I added the same wedges from Zappos.  On the left is black and on the right is green.  Both work, but you may notice that the black looks heavier than the green pair which brings a certain summery lightness to the outfit.  Once the weather gets hot do you really want to be wearing such dark shoes?  With the punch of green, the outfit looks complete when it is simply accessorized with a gold bag from Diane Von Furstenberg and gold scalloped necklace from Kate Spade.

Versatile shoe color #5- Yellow

colorful shoes

Let’s be honest, few people are running out to the stores to buy yellow clothes.  However, let’s hope this post encourages you to go out and consider yellow shoes.  They are so versatile, just about as versatile as green, when it comes to other shades you can wear with it and they really add some brightness to any outfit.  Plus, bonus, yellow shoes are nowhere near your face.  I have a pair of yellow wedges that I live in all summer.

For a casual look, I used one of my favorite flat summer sandals, the Birkenstock Gizehs.  On the left I used the black pair and on the right I used the yellow.  Both work with this cornflower blue Athleta t-shirt dress, but, dare I say, the yellow pair makes the outfit look better?  Even if I took the yellow and blue printed handbag from Sakroots away, and just styled the outfit with the blue tonal Modcloth necklace, the yellow shoes would still work.  The color adds something without taking anything away.

If you already have your bases covered with black shoes, seriously, don’t buy any more, you really don’t need them.  It’s time to branch out with some new colors and with these five shades as a starting point you really can’t go wrong.