“You’re older than you’ve ever been
And now you’re even older
And now you’re older still”

Older – They Might Be Giants

When Bridgette Raes and I were invited to the Felix and Iris party  I was jazzed to be  getting new glasses. But at the eye doctor I received some less than happy news. When I asked how come I had to take my glasses off to read print she said “well that happens at your age.”


Its inevitable. You keep breathing you get older. Oh I can can still party like a college kid but it takes me two days to recover.  And yes sometimes I need a magnifying glass to see tiny print.
Now there is a fashionable way to have one at my fingertips all the time!  Introducing the Looking Glass Necklace!

Wendra a dear kind soul, sent me a gorg necklace to try out. Not only did I love having a magnifying glass with me at all times I received tons of compliments. Everyone was so impressed when they found out it was functional as well as pretty.

looking glass necklaces
And now you can win won of your very own! Leave a comment saying why you want your very own Looking Glass necklace, like their Facebook Page and share this post story via your favorite social media and you can have your own very pretty and very useful necklace.