One of the oddest side effects of writing these columns is you often find yourself having strong opinions about things you didn’t think you could ever have a strong opinion on. Such as “Wow these are really great panties!” or “Wow this is a really great t shirt!”

Now I have a new sentence; “Damn these are really great socks!

Bombas Socks

Listening to my second favorite Podcast “How did this get made?”, a show which discusses the world’s worst movies (Staying Alive & Xanadu  are my favorites, but they’re all good).  One of their sponsors is Bombas socks. After hearing Paul Scheer go on about them my curiosity were piqued. I emailed the company, could I have a sample pair for my blog? They kindly sent me a pair.

I don’t really think about my socks. I purchase my socks at 99 cent stores or off card tables in Union Square. The second I put on these socks I was surprised how well they fit. They were really comfortable.  I’ve been wearing socks to bed since childhood and I never wake up with them on.  I wore my Bombas socks to bed and was SHOCKED when I got out of bed in the morning and they were still on my feet! Then I wore them out. I could not believe how comfortable they were and I was also so happy with the ‘blister tab’ a tiny pillow on the back of the ankle socks to keep them from slipping down into your shoes and giving you a blister.

Can it get better? Yes it can. For every pair of socks Bombas sells it donates a pair to a homeless shelter.

And now you can win your own pair. “Like” Bombas Facebook page  and leave a comment below saying why you want a pair of Bombas and you could win!