In order for me to let go of my Birkenstock Gizeh sandals you would have to pry them from my cold, dead hands.  I am not kidding.  They are hands down, my absolute favorite summer sandals.  In today’s accessorizing post I am going to tell you why.

I will admit, it took me years to actually wear a pair of Birkenstocks.  Like most people, I believed only Dead Heads, religious fanatics and people who drank hemp milk wore them.  I always saw them as so crunchy, so armpit hair, so hasn’t showered in two months looking.  Even though I was told that Birkenstocks made your feet feel like they had died and gone to heaven, sacrificing my style to the degree of looking like I had no style just didn’t seem worth it.  That was until Birkenstock’s Gizeh style came on to the scene.  Seven years ago I slipped my feet into a pair and have never looked back.

Truth be told, I probably never would have bought a pair of Birkenstocks if it wasn’t for this particular style.  The rest of them I can take or leave.  It was the styling of the Gizeh sandal that grabbed my attention.  Finally, Birkenstock came up with a shoe that didn’t look so specific to one type of person, a person I definitely did not identify with, and I actually considered buying a pair.  Here is why I love them so much.

#1- They are insanely comfortable

You really don’t know comfort until you try a pair of Birkenstock sandals on.  It really doesn’t matter what style you choose, all the footbeds are made the same.  Basically,  their shoes are inspired by the natural imprint of a foot in the sand and feel just like walking barefoot. Its anatomical shape ideally supports the natural walking action of your foot. Your feet, joints, and back are protected. At the same time, your foot and leg muscles are exercised, and your health and well-being benefit as a result.  To read more about the comfort features of Birkenstock shoes you can check them out, here.

#2- Birkenstocks get better with age

When you first buy a pair of Birkenstocks you have to break them in.  I don’t recommend taking a new pair of vacation without getting some wear out of them first.  As you wear them you will notice that the shoe takes a permanent mold of your own foot.  This is what makes them so comfortable, and the longer you wear them the more comfortable they get.  In addition, the shoes are of superior quality.  I live in mine and still have the same first pair I bought in 2008.  Admittedly, my pair looks pretty beat up now, but, 8 years of constant wear is pretty darn good.

#3- Birkenstocks are incredibly light

When I would look at other people in Birkenstocks I always thought the shoes looked heavy on their feet, like clunky cement brick shoes.  However, pick up a pair and notice that they are really, really light.  This makes a huge difference in comfort and something that should be noted.

#4- They are good for walking and being on your feet

Comfort is one thing but comfort, when you have to stand a lot or walk great distances, is another.  I have mentioned the extreme amount of time I spend on my feet working.  I feel like my biggest goal in life is to find shoes that are stylish and comfortable for my work.  Hands down, the only shoes that I can stand in for 8+ hours without a twinge of pain are my Birkenstock Gizehs.

Now if I could only find the equivalent of this type of shoe for fall and winter I would be set. And before you suggest it, no, there is no way on earth I would ever wear any of Birkenstock’s closed-toe shoes. The company has a long way to go with their styling before I would even consider it.  Remember, I am a personal stylist, not a gnome.

#5- Birkenstocks Gizehs go with everything

The last, and important reason I love my Birkenstock Gizeh sandals is that they go with everything, from elegant looks to super casual outfits.  Below I have taken my beloved style and created five very different looks to show you all the ways you can wear them.

How to wear Birkenstock Gizeh Sandals

Outfit #1- Birkenstock Gizehs with dresses

birkenstock gizehOn many occasions, I have worn my Birkenstock Gizehs with a casual summer dress, maxis, and short styles.  They don’t look clunky.  They’re certainly more casual, but they aren’t so casual that they look out of place with a sundress.  In this outfit, I chose a swingy Modcloth dress, imagining a super hot day where you want nothing against your skin, and used a pair of Gizehs in silver.  If you want to get the most wear out of your Birkenstocks, metallic is definitely the way to go.  Finishing the look I added this red Coach bag and blue earrings from Max & Chloe.

#2- Birkenstock Gizehs elegantly styled

Birkenstock GizehBirkenstock Gizehs are one of the few sandal styles out there that you can wear with the most casual of looks as well as with more elegant ensembles.  Another pair of summer sandals I love is my Fit Flops, however, where they fall short is that I really don’t feel like I can’t wear them as elegantly as I can my Birkenstocks.  I would never work in my Fit Flops, but I do all the time in my Birkenstocks.  Here, for example, this gold pair of Gizehs match the sophisticated styling of these skinny pants from J. Crew in olive, a white Tory Burch tunic, gold chandelier earrings, gold bangles from Macy’s, and MICHAEL Michael Kors bag.

Outfit #3- Birkenstock Gizehs with jeans

Birkenstock GizehI’m in the market for a new pair of Gizehs this summer and I absolutely love this muted color called Pearly Hazel.  So pretty and so versatile.  Here I styled them casually with these boyfriend jeans from the Gap, a sleeveless blouse from Boden, gold tote  and pyramid earrings.  How perfect for the weekend when you have a lot of running around to do.

Outfit #3- Birkenstock Gizehs with a skirt

birkenstock gizehThis pair of Gizehs have a very fun and very denim friendly snakeskin print on them that can be treated like a solid blue.  They’re fun with this J. Crew mini skirt, basic grey t-shirt from Theory, a pink scarf , blue wristlet and blue hoop earrings.

Outfit #5- Birkenstock Gizehs with shorts

birkenstock gizehThis is the color of the pair of Gizehs I own, their bronze shade.  It such a versatile color that I can wear with everything.  I am on the fence about buying a new color this summer.  On the one hand, I know that getting a fresh pair in this same color will get me a ton of wear, yet, on the other, after seven years, I feel like I want something new.  Keep this in mind when buying Birkenstocks, they will last for many years so you want to choose a color that you will want to live with for a while.

In this look, I styled them with shorts, because Gizehs are, of course, shorts friendly, too.  Here I used a pair of J. Crew denim shorts, a summer sweater from Karen Millen, a yellow Modcloth necklace and printed Sakroots bag.

The one issue I hear about the Gizeh sandal is the placement of the thong doesn’t work for everyone.  It is true, the thong isn’t all that flexible.  However, if you want the comfort of a pair of Birkenstocks, you can certainly check out the other styles they carry.  There are some cute styles without the thong like the Madrid, the Florida, Mayari, and the Almere.

A few years ago, I heard a rumor that Birkenstock was discontinuing their Gizeh style.  I couldn’t understand why, but panicked and considered becoming like Elaine from Seinfeld with her sponges, scooping up every last pair I could find before they were gone.  However, thankfully, the discontinuation of these shoes never seemed to have come to pass.  Thank God, because it would be a cold day in hell before I’d stop wearing mine.

Birkenstock Gizeh

My very beat up Birkenstock Gizeh sandals. It’s time for a new pair.