We all know we should use a sunscreen on our face daily. Not only does it protect from skin cancer, it prevents wrinkles, sagging and discoloration.  But do we really want to have ONE more thing on our to do lists before 8am?

I was thrilled when BB creams hit the market. So many products rolled into one! Then I tried several. I did not like them. They either went on too heavy or they smeared way too easily and they were so expensive! I gave up.  Then when trying to find products for Skin Cancer Awareness Month I stumbled upon Laneige BB Cushion.

Unlike most BB creams this one uses a unique cushion and sponge for application. I was surprised how not too much product provided a lot of coverage while looking natural.  The long lasting formula even stood up to my oily skin on a warm day in New York.  Each box comes with a cushion filled with product and a refill cushion. So while the price is roughly the same as other high end BB creams, you’ll have enough product to last you 3 or 4 months.

With an SPF factor of 50 including broad spectrum UVB/UVA  it is excellent protection that completely replaces the foundation you’re using now.  Anti aging tip: when using BB creams don’t stop at your chin, apply a little to neck and chest to prevent wrinkles, freckling and reduce your risk of skin cancer.

The company also has some amazing skin care products. I’ve been using the Water Bank Moisture Cream as a night cream for a few weeks now and I’ve already noticed a change in my skin.

You can purchase Laneige BB Cushion and other skin products at Targets nationwide OR you can win a free Laneige BB cushion from us!

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Skin Cancer Presentation Tip #2 Replace your daily hand cream with one containing an SPF of 30 or higher and make sure you have a travel size in your purse. Not only will it prevent skin cancer it will keep your hands looking younger longer and help you avoid dark spots.