A few years ago I attended the The Mermaid Parade on Coney Island. I dutifully applied sunscreen before I left and every few hours throughout the day.  I came home with a wicked burn on the back of my neck and shoulders. It was very painful.

The issue wasn’t that I forgot my sunscreen but I simply failed to apply to places I couldn’t reach.  Sunscreen is a great tool to fight skin cancer, wrinkles, premature aging but if it’s not applied correctly it can’t effectively do its job.  Did you know that failure to prevent sunburn and sun damage can be attributed to the way sunscreen is applied? Most of us fail to apply the proper amount of sunscreen necessary to achieve proper protection and 56% of us fail to reapply.

Thankfully, My Cabana Boy never misses a spot!

My Cabana Boy is a clever wand you load with your favorite spray sunscreen so you can hit every inch of skin without showering the people standing next to you or wasting product by blasting it into the air.

It works with dozens of commercial spray sunscreens readily available at any drugstore. You simply load the sunscreen into the wand, adjust for height, lock the latch while holding the bottle in place (make you have removed the cap!) and spray away.  This makes application and reapplication (a good rule of thumb is every two hours and after swimming or sweating) quick and easy. Sunscreen is a critical tool in skin cancer prevention.

Now you can have your own Cabana boy! Leave a comment below saying why you want your own Cabana Boy and you could win!

Skin Cancer Prevention Tip #3: Don’t forget your lips! Its easy to overlook your mouth when applying sunscreen because well that stuff tastes awful (I learned that at age 7 when I decided to see if that coconut-y lotion was as savory as it smelled).  A lot skin cancers begin on the mouth especially for women as our lipsticks and glosses actually magnify the sun’s rays. Make sure you apply a lip balm or lipstick with sunscreen. My new fave is by Carmex Moisture Plus with Broad Spectrum SPF 15 and they even have these limited editions that come in fun patterns to look good sitting in your purse.  Readily available at CVS, Walgreens  or anyplace lip balms are sold.