Sunscreen is such an important part of skin cancer prevention.  One thing I recommend people do is swap out their regular body and hand lotion with a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 or higher . But sometimes this is easier said than done. Most sunscreens aren’t designed to be day to day skin lotions

Well I found one!  Trilipiderm is a great company dedicated to skin health.  They have recently added sun protective lotions to their line of great skin products. If you have skin that’s dry, irritated or simply needs hydration you can meet your needs while blocking harmful UVA/UVB  rays with a broad spectrum SPF 30.

An active moisturizer for active people, its non greasy, absorbs quickly and helps repair dry cracked skin. No funky sunscreen smell or questionable ingredients here. Its pharmacist recommended and features all-natural ingredients like meadowfoam, olive, chamomile, calendula and jojoba, all while providing SPF and vitamin D required for healthy skin.

Streamline your daily routine. Toss out your regular daily moisturizer, hydrate your skin, improve tone texture and appearance while leaving your skin soft, supple and protected with SPF 30!

Trilipiderm is available most pharmacies, beauty supply store, select spa retailers nationwide or you can buy it online at

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