I live in dresses in the summer. They are cool, easy and fun to wear. However, the problems that can potentially come with them aren’t. This is why I was thrilled to be introduced to Jockey® Skimmies® Slipshort, which are a super lightweight slipshort that cover your bum, keep panty lines to a minimum and offer anti-static defense for flowy skirt days. No modern woman should be without them. Here’s why.

Skimmies prevents the Friction Affliction

Skimmies will save you for a variety of reasons this summer, all that I am familiar with. Let’s start with the obvious, that dastardly thigh rub. I can’t tell you how many times I have put on a summer dress and been convinced that I gained 10lbs. overnight. You don’t have to have bulbous thighs, like I do, to know what I am talking about. Let’s affectionately call it “Friction Affliction”: A bow-legged stride that aims to keep a dreaded thigh fire from ruining your day. Without any fabric between the thighs, I don’t care how slim your lovely gams are, it’s bound happen when your legs rub together, especially when it’s sticky and hot. Skimmies Here is one of my perennial favorite summer dresses. It is years old and I still get compliments. I love that I can easily bend and move in it…and, I admit, not shave my legs. However, what I don’t like is that my thights rub together when I walk. For this dress, Skimmies slipshort will not only prevent chafing but the long-length underwear style will smooth my silhouette and prevent panty lines. The triangle back will give me great range of motion and, if you’re wondering about breathability, (because who wants to overheat with thick undergarments?) Skimmies microfiber design is lightweight and not confining at all.

Skimmies prevents the FlashCycle

Skimmies My job as a personal stylist is far from glamorous like most people assume it is. When I am with a client, it’s not uncommon for me to squat, crawl, sit on the ground, and reach for things. Let’s call this the FlashCycle problem because when I wear a dress in the summer, and am rolling around on the floor, I have to be super conscious of not letting everyone see my London and France. It’s the equivalent to trying to keep covered when an unexpected breeze picks up, hence the name FlashCycle. For times when I am wearing a shorter skirt or dress, like I am in the photo of me with a client above, Skimmies makes a shorter length style that guarantees they won’t peek out under what I am wearing. This style has the same features as the longer style, including a friction-free cotton gusset, the ability to smooth my silhouette, lightweight, breathable fabric, and more.

Skimmies prevents the Shake Down

Skimmies As the summer gets hotter and hotter the fabric of the clothing you wear will likely become thinner and thinner. Great for keeping cool but horrible for keeping your skirts and dresses in place. Let’s call this the Shakedown which is a move that combines one part wiggle and two parts tug, brought about by all-over static cling. This is another one of my staple dresses, that I have named Ol’ Blue. This dress and I have been companions for years. Depending on the weather, Ol’ Blue can be a bit fussy and, let’s just say, a little clingy. Jeez, she can be such a diva! For these challenging moments, a pair of Skimmies Anti-Static Slipshorts are perfect. They offer the same exact features as the classic Skimmies but also have an anti-static finish.

Skimmies keeps me sweat-free

Skimmies Let’s all agree, nobody likes to be hot and, certainly, nobody likes to sweat. Unless I am taking a Bikram yoga class, where sweating is supposed to happen, I do all I can to avoid it. If the idea adding a layer of clothing under your skirts or dresses in the summer seems counterintuitive and makes you break out in a sweat, consider Wicking Skimmies. With Wicking Skimmies you not only get the benefit of all these slipshorts offer, but their wicking style is made of quick dry, moisture wicking fabric combined with mesh panels for coolness and comfort. Not only will they work under your form fitting clothing, like the favorite dress I am wearing above, to keep cool, but you can also wear them under activewear. Yes, that large iced tea may be keeping me sweat-free but so will my Wicking Skimmies now that I have them. I can’t recommend Skimmies enough! Jockey Skimmies retail for $20-$22. Get more info at jockey.com/savedbyskimmies. Get further acquainted with this summer solution on them out on Social Media like FacebookYouTube and Pinterest, and enter their sweepstakes contest!

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