“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

When I was a little girl I loved to play dress up in my mother’s closet and clomp around in her heels. As a young woman I walked around in 4 inch pumps so much I actually gave myself arthritis in my big toe at the ripe old age of 28. But now that I am no longer 28 there is one thing I look for in a shoe before anything else. Comfort.  After that I check to see if if the shoes are cute and stylish. And I do want cute stylish shoes!

If you think this wouldn’t be such an outrageous request you’d be wrong.

So, when I was sent a pair of Arcopedico shoes in style L14 (color: cherry) I was a bit skeptical. I had been sent a pair of shoes from another company in February and, for reasons better left unsaid, will NEVER be a Fab Find. I had blisters that were sore and tender.

I immediately noticed how comfortable Arcopedico shoes were. Both water resistant and breathable, the shoes stretch slightly to conform to the foot so if you have a bunion or a hammertoe they are perfect. I decided to take a walk on a cool, spring day and when I finally felt tired I was stunned to realized I had strolled  27 blocks down Riverside Drive!   I was irked to realize I’d bled onto the fabric until I remembered you can machine wash the shoes, air dry and they are good as new.

But there was one other perk. I received tons of compliments on these shoes.  In fact,  Bridgette herself, when meeting me for lunch (unaware they were a potential Fab Find), upon seeing me said, “wow! those shoes are so cute, where did you get them? ”

Sadly Bridgette cannot enter our contest to giveaway a free pair of L14 Arcopedico shoes, but you can! Leave a comment below saying why you want a pair, “Like” their Facebook page  and you could win.