My late Grandmother O.C. LOVED cosmetics and jewelry. You couldn’t see the top of her vanity for all the bottles of nail polish, lipsticks and  jewelry. From time to time when I was a child she would hand me a snarled ball of metal and ask “would you get my necklace free?”

It made me never want to wear jewelry. To spend good money on something only to have it break after getting tangled with your other jewelry? No thank you.

If O.C. were still around I’d send her a MagBag so she’d never experience that heartbreak again.

MagBag is a featherweight magnetic bag that holds your jewelry in place and ensures it won’t tangle. Because its magnetic, it will literally pin your jewelry to the bag. Have non magnetic jewelry? No problem! Mag Bag creates a vacuum seal that holds everything in place. You can store your jewelry for a long time due to the velvet interior treated to keep your jewelry from tarnishing. You can fly with it as the magnets won’t effect the x-ray machine. It comes in three sizes and three different colors so you can find the one that suits you to travel, to store anything.

One thing to keep in mind. The magnets WILL effect your watches and demagnetize credit cards. NEVER place watches or credit cards inside MagBag but its fine to place these things along the exterior.

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