Working in the fashion industry or at least along its periphery I know how challenging and fun the it can be. Personally it irks me on shows like Modern Family when Hailey’s interest in fashion brands her as ‘dumb’.

But I also know fashion can do a lot of bad.  From the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire  to this report from John Oliver in April.

Can fashion ever do good?  Yes!  In Dec Fab Find Featured Catrinka Project bags, an amazing company that focuses on producing fabulous bags that provide both work for women that pay them a great wage and provides funds to educate girls.

And now they have some amazing summer bags I simply have to tell you about.  The stunning  Kanta Weekender, named for the daughter on the mother daughter teams that hands sews the embroidery in mirror detail and the striking Anita produced in a small women owned workshop in New Delhi.

My personal fave is the one I happen to own, the gorgeous, colorful and extremely high quality Lalita Beach Bag.   The workshop’s directors who created this bag also run and fund a girls school that offers free tuition and midday meals.

And now you can have you own for free! Leave a comment below and “Like” the Catrinka Facebook Page and you could win a Catrinka bag.