Recently a friend of mine and I went to see Melissa McCarthy in Spy (HILARIOUS by the way) before the movie an actress in her 60’s came on screen talking about her charity. My friend noticing her frozen face said, “wow I wonder if she and Sharon Stone go to the same Botox guy”.

I hate the idea of Botox but I also hate the idea of having a face full of lines. It’s one or the other right?

Nope! Frownies Wrinkle Treatment patches mean you’ll never need Botox. No more frozen face or pumping poison into your skin.

The only place our skin is attached to our muscles is in our faces.  This allows us to express emotions but also mean those emotions can etch lines over time. Frownies Facial Patches made from natural, skin-friendly materials, easy to use and work to give a younger appearance. Facial Patches are applied to the forehead winkles between the eyes and across the forehead as well as the crows feet at the corners of the eyes and around the mouth, to gently re-educate the underlying muscles to assume their correct, relaxed and natural appearance. Frownies patch works at night to eliminate the appearance of skin wrinkles, leaving younger, relaxed-looking skin. Frownies Facial Patches are a true anti-aging skin treatment!

All natural and completely affordable, I was very doubtful such a simple idea could be so powerful. Then I read the Amazon reviews. Holy Cow.

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