August in New York is HOT. Flipping, freaking, motherfudging hot!

So when I received some samples of “Boogie Wipes” a product clearly marketed toward mothers of small children, I thought “Why am I being sent this?”

I threw them in my purse and was probably going to forget about them. Then I walked to the post office. I was dripping sweat from walking 3 blocks. It was 92 degrees with 56% humidity.  I pulled out the packet of Boogie Wipes (fresh scent) and wiped my sweaty grimy face and neck.

It was refreshing!  Okay so maybe Boogie wipes aren’t just for children.

The saline infused Boogie Wipe wipes were originally intended for young ones with colds (they come in unscented, fresh scent and grape) grown ups can use them too. The saline is gentle on my skin (I usually carry napkins or tissues, to wipe off sweat but those were so irritating!).

I know these will come in handy once cold and flu season rolls around.

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