“I’m a disorganized mess. My purse is gross: I once found a shoulder pad, string cheese, and a Christmas ornament in it!” -Hoda Kotb

Women who live in New York speak loudly and carry giant purses.  At least I do. You literally live out of your purse. I have supplies for all occasions.  Keeping it organized is hard.   It bugs people. Last night at Chipotle, people were sighing behind me as I dug the 2-for-1 coupon out of my purse.  But things are looking up! I just received a zipper pouch from RedBubble.  You can also get totes and drawstrings bags.

RedBubble is  an amazing company that allows artists all over the globe to earn money for their art and lets the consumer have a wide assortment of practical ways to display that art.  Throw pillows, travel mugs , phone skins, leggings and so much more. Nearly any image can be put on damn near anything!  Personally I cannot WAIT to order some arty pencil skirts!

I’ve spoken to a few artists who sold their creations via RedBubble. They had nothing but high praise for the company.

Support artists; add some beautiful art to your daily life for a reasonable price with items that are both fun and functional. It’s a win win!

Looking for a bargain?  Redbubble will be having a sale on Monday, August 17th for 20% off everything site-wide.