Years ago, a dear friend was stricken with ALS. He was coping with it using physical therapy and medication. After a few months I saw him and his wife at a book signing. When he left to get tea, I asked him wife “He seems much better. Is he doing something different?” His wife explained that she had seen a homeopathy therapist and he had begun taking supplements and herbs.

I was sold. I take a few supplement and vitamins in an effort to stay healthy. I’m always on the lookout for a new complex. And I’ve found a great one.  RxQ Antioxidant Complex from Schoenwetter Supplements.*

Not a whole lot is known about how or why humans age. Seriously.  However, most scientists credit “free radicals”.  We are exposed to free radicals everyday especially if like me you live in a densely populated city and have three jobs (really).  Dr. Phillp E Schoenwtter a renowned scientist created a patent pending  antioxidant formula designed to combat free radicals, combining vitamins, amino acids and other supplements in a revolutionary complex.

I’m not a doctor so I’m going to quote from the website.
“Antioxidants are commonly known to do good things for the body. What we describe as “essential vitamins” are basically a list of chemical compounds made in nature that are necessary for human health. These essential vitamins are absolutely required for normal function of hundreds of different interconnected metabolic pathways.*

Recent discoveries have shown that antioxidants function in much the same way. Simply put, there is no one antioxidant that does it all. Just as there is no one single vitamin for all deficiencies, there is no one single antioxidant that participates in all the anti-oxidant pathways.*

All I can really rely on is my personal experience. After several weeks of taking the supplement I am sleeping better and seem to have more energy.

But what will this supplement do for you? Find out for yourself! “Like” Schoewetter’s Facebook Page and leave a comment below and you may win a bottle!

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