I love traveling. Not just experiencing new destinations but I actually love airports. I’m a people watcher.

But I can never sleep on airplanes. I try. I take so many red eyes to save money  but even with sleeping pills, vodka stingers, and keeping myself awake the night before  I am wide awake the entire time.  When I arrive, I stagger around like a zombie until I can reach the hotel for a nap.

And why are planes so drafty! Aren’t they sealed?

Now Beta Brand has another innovative product , the Red Eye Wrap.

Why you need a Red Eye Wrap

Wear it as an open cardigan or button at the waist, the super soft knit will keep you cozy warm.  The Red Eye Wrap has two hidden interior pockets that zipper close and extra pockets for your hands.  Its machine washable and comes with a stuff sack, so when you arrive in Los Angeles and its 100 degrees you can stash it in your suitcase until your flight home.

And here my favorite feature: Built in eye mask! Pull the hood over your eyes and try to get some sleep.

Now some bad news. This item is not available until February 2016.  But this is such a versatile and useful item we knew the travelers would want to get your orders in today!