“Sometimes I have more fun vegging out than I do when I’m partying. Maybe it’s because my party clothes are so binding” – Cher in Clueless

Things change as you get older.  The minute I get home I change into my jammies, even if its 3pm in the afternoon.  I love my jammies!  I’m so happy found a new source for comfortable loungewear and thrilled the company provides a path out of the sex trade for women in India.  Introducing PUNJAMMIES.

Founder Shannon Keith took a trip to India and was horrified by the sex slavery she witnessed.  Worse than that, the women who walked away from the brothels often had to return due to the stigma of being a sex worker. These women needed stable and safe alternative employment.

In 2006, Sudara hired the first 6 employees in their first-ever sewing center partnership and began teaching each woman the skills needed to become seamstresses and our first pair of PUNJAMMIES loungewear was produced. Stitch by stitch, the women gained confidence not only in their newfound trade, but also in their newfound hope and freedom. Since that time, their relationships have grown into multiple sewing center partnerships and hundreds of women gaining a new community and safe place to work and heal.

Punjammies gives women a choice to provide for their families and support themselves.

Learn more at their website or check our their Facebook Page.