Have you ever fell in love with a new song and then find yourself tired of it a few months later?  No matter how much we like something we’re bound to get bored with it.  I have been feeling this way about bib necklaces.  Don’t get me wrong, I still like them, but I don’t find myself as enthused about them as I used to be.  Part of this is because I’m finding myself gravitating to more layered necklace looks.  The other reason is because they have been everywhere and completely overused.  It just feels time to move on.  When choosing my accessories for the day, I am not grabbing them as much as I used to.

This is the way trends work, they slowly peter out over time, which keeps us shopping and interested in new things…that we’ll eventually get bored with.

However, with the past few weeks being early fall weather, I’ve been able to really look at how women are dressing in New York City.  Once the cold weather hits, I won’t be able to view the outfits of women on the street as easily because they’ll be all bundled up.  I saw a woman wearing a bib necklace in a fun new way and it inspired this post.  Instead of casting them off as yesterday’s news, here are three fresh ways to wear bib necklaces that may help them feel new again.

Fresh Ways to Wear Bib Necklaces

#1- Wear bib necklaces over a turtleneck

fresh ways to wear a bib necklaceTurtlenecks are really popular this fall, particularly, slim ones.  While they do often look great with long pendants or chains, or simple earrings instead of necklaces, I quite like the idea of wearing a statement necklace or bib style over the funnel of the turtleneck.  It creates a more decorative finish and keeps more color up near the face.

In the outfit above, I added this Kendra Scott bib to a slim turtleneck from Theory that perfectly complements the flouncy, pleated mini from Zara.  The outfit is finished with a pair of heeled booties from Miz Mooz, a pair of brown opaque tights and taupe bag from Furla.

#2- Under a collared shirt

fresh ways to wear a bib necklaceThe woman who I mentioned earlier, who inspired this post, was wearing her bib necklace this way, under the collar of a button down shirt.  Bib necklaces have often been used in the past to fill in the neckline when button down shirts have been worn open.  To freshen thing up, try wearing them this way.  It has a sort of 80’s collar pin look.

In the outfit above, a used this collar-style bib necklace from Bauble Bar under the collar of this buttoned up chambray shirt from Modcloth.  Over the top, I added this relaxed cardigan from Rebecca Taylor and styled the look with a pair of skinny cargos from J. Crew.  The outfit is finished with this casual leather tote from Medine and leopard flats from Sam Edleman,

#3- Layer you bib necklace

fresh ways to wear a bib necklaceIt’s all about layering right now.  Everyone is stacking bracelets and layering necklaces.  While you can go out and buy necklaces that have been pre-layered, don’t discount your existing bib necklaces as a solution for achieving this look.  Having put these looks together last week, I laughed a bit when I saw one of the salespeople I frequently work with creating this layered look with a short bib and long pendant yesterday.  I definitely seem to be on to something.  The simple addition of the longer necklace updated the been-there-done-that look of the bib.

Don’t be afraid to layer and add more than one necklace to an outfit.  That’s what it’s all about right now…until it’s not and I write another post on how t update your layered necklace looks.  For now, try it like I how I did above using a bib from Stella & Dot and long layered necklace from Bauble Bar.  I love the way it looks with this simple navy dress from Reiss that has been further styled with nude pumps from Charles by Charles David, blue clutch from Vince and stud earrings from Melissa Joy Manning.

When you get tired of trends, instead of moving on completely, look to see if there are new ways you can wear them that feel more updated.  Not only will you get more wear from your purchases but you may find that you like them all over again.  I hope these fresh ways to wear bib necklaces inspires you.

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