By now , you regular readers know that I adore the Beekman Boys. I fell in love with their soap (their first product) because it’s AMAZING. From there they expanded to delicious cheese, ice cream, jams, apparel,  shampoo, perfume and so much more. You can even buy their home décor from Bed Bath and Beyond.

They have a number of cookbooks out and of course there is wealth of information about their products, the farm their community on their website. There’s even a live goat cam!

And now they have expanded to one of my favorite things: Magazines!  Presenting the debut of Beekman 1802 Almanac. It’s a twist on the famous Farmer’s Almanac a resource to be used to cultivate a better life. The Beekman Boys have always viewed themselves as teachers and now they have a fun and inspiring guide that will motivate you to improve your daily routine.

You’ll find some amazing recipes, winning tips on being a great host and an article on ice harvesting. Yup,  before  freezers people would get ice by cutting it out of lakes in the winter.  Personally am I excited to start making my own flavored butter.  And the recipe for chocolate chips cookies looks YUMMY!

You can use this handy magazine finder if you want to know where to buy a copy, or you win one courtesy of Bridgette Raes! Leave a comment saying why you love the Beekmans and why you want to read the Beekman 1802 Almanac.