This is the second part of a series of fall fashion picks chosen by my clients this season.  If you are just getting caught up, here is part 1.  Originally, I planned to make this a two part post but decided to make it a three part series and focus next week’s installment exclusively on shoes.  This week I am sharing some stand out pants, cocktail and formal, and casual selections.

Peserico- the breakout line of the season

fall fashion picksBefore I get into the specific categories of fashion picks, I want to point out a line that was definitely a breakout star this season.  Peserico is a sophisticated and elegant Italian line that has been around since 1962.  Smartly, Saks positioned the line on the floor right by BOSS Hugo Boss and I meandered into the department and noticed a lot of great professional pieces that I pulled for clients.  I found their dresses particularly attractive and a few of my clients bought these two styles, this tweed v-neck dress and this cute navy sleeveless style.  This is definitely a line I will be looking at for clients in seasons to come.


fall fashion picksIf you think trying on pants is challenging, try doing it when you have to find the right pants for a bunch of clients that have a variety of body shapes.  It can be very daunting but, thankfully, a few pants styles come through for me time and time again.  However, despite this, the answer to getting the fit of pants right is to just try on multiple styles until you find what works.  I wish there was an easier answer, but there really isn’t.

Standout styles this season were Akris Punto’s Franca (image #2) and Fabia styles (image #3).  These are classic sllim leg pants that are available season after season and come in a variety of fabrications and colors.  Next, Piazza Sempione’s Marion (image #4) and their, appropriately named, Audrey pants (image #5) are always embraced strongly by my clients.  These two pants aside, I never choose Piazza Sempione for my clients.  It’s just not a line that works for any of them.  However, these pants always do well.

What was somewhat surprising was the real interest in tattersall pants, tattersall meaning a grid-like plaid pattern.  The first popular style was this black and white pair from Lord & Taylor (image #1).  In fact, had the pants not been black and white I would have bought them for myself.  But, seeing that I don’t wear black, and don’t have anything to wear with them in my wardrobe, I didn’t.  However, a few of my clients did.  They are just a cute, well fitting style that is also incredibly affordable.  If you do order them, I urge you to size down.  They seem to run large.  The other tattersall style that was very popular was this pair from Theory that are in a heavier weight flannel with a grey ground and blue pattern.


As I mentioned in the first post in this series, this recap of fall fashion picks is not everything that my clients purchased, it’s just an overview of some stand out pieces that I can remember and are still available online.  For casual, here are some of the pieces.

Nic + Zoe

fall fashion picksNic + Zoe is a line I have been aware of for some time and one that I found myself pulling a lot from this season.  There are a few reasons why I like it.

First, it’s a well priced casual line.  It’s not cheap but not expensive either.  I also find that it appeals to a large range of clients of all ages, although I think it definitely skews better for the over 40 woman.  Second, the line is really thoughtful in that it mixes and matches really easily; a total score for those who find themselves challenged in outfit making.  For example, their basic four way cardigan (pictured in blue above) always comes in a variety of colors and Nic + Zoe always sells a matching tank to go underneath it which creates an easy finished look that doesn’t require a lot of thought.  The tank on its own is really nice and the company will then also sell other pieces where the cardigan can be used– for example like the blue and warm grey printed cardigan above.  I also was really impressed by their ponte leggings, like the pair I included in the photo.  I read one review on the Lord & Taylor website that the pants shrunk after one wear, but I have not heard any complaints about this from any of my clients who bought them.  Last, if you like punches of novelty, pieces like the dotted cardigan in the photo above can often be found in this line.

Karen Kane

fall fashion picksAdmittedly, I have walked by the Karen Kane department without going in for years. With a lot of prints and drape, it just never appealed to me or a lot of my clients.  But, this season I took another look and found a few casual winners for certain clients.  Her funnel neck sweater is so comfy and cozy that so many of my clients fell in love once they put it on.   Her faux suede leggings were also a favorite and bought by quite a few clients in a variety of colors.

Sweater vests

fall fashion picksA few weeks ago I blogged about challenging fashion tends and included a sleeveless blazer in that post.  While it is a popular trend this fall, I feel somewhat vindicated by that the fact that only one client asked for and purchased it, this style from Miss Selfridge.  In fact, one of my clients told me that she thought the trend was stupid.  I’m not as vehemently against sleeveless blazers as some people, I just think the trend is tricky and limited.  However, what a lot of clients did embrace was the sweater vest.  Many purchased this style from Calvin Klein that was available in the stores in multiple colors.  I think it just seemed easier to wear than a sleeveless blazer.

Formal and cocktail

fall fashion picks When a client has a formal event to attend, they will usually call and book me for this specific reason.  However, I have one client who has many black tie and and cocktail events to attend a year making focusing on this as part of her fall session important.

What I like about my client’s picks, aside from the general beauty of them, is that they all have sleeves.  Finding attractive formal pieces with sleeves is harder than finding a needle in a haystack.  I can’t take all the credit for what we chose.  The red gown, from La Petite Robe di Chiara Boni, was selected by her and confirmed by me.  There are a few things that make this gown, as well as all dresses from this company, pretty incredible.  First, despite its glamour, the dress is basically a very fitted stretch with no zippers.  You just step into it and it’s on, making it super comfortable.  Second, all of the dresses from this company are not only easy to fold and pack but they are actually machine washable on the gentle cycle.  This line might be the most comfortable and functional evening dresses that exist.  No wonder Saks can’t keep them in the stores.

The little black dress in the photo is from Black Halo.  I love this company.  All of their dresses have this 1950’s retro look to them, hence why this particular style is called their Jackie O..  This dress was selected for it’s day to evening abilities and also how incredibly well it fit.  However, keep in mind, the dresses run very small.  If ordering any of Black Halo’s dresses go at least one size up, maybe two.

fall fashion picks

My client’s getting her Black Halo Jackie O. dress fit by a seamstress at Saks.

The last gown is by David Meister and, admittedly, I wasn’t wowed when my client sent me the link to it prior to our session.  However, when she put it on I was blown away.  The drape of the skirt is matte jersey, and falls just beautifully, and the shape of it is cut in such a figure flattering manner.  On the body this gown is the epitome of elegance.  Plus it has sleeves and is more modest in look.

Well, that’s post two of this season’s fall fashion picks chosen by my clients.  Stay tuned to next week where I am saving the best for last…shoes!