Double giveaway this week!

When you are a woman in New York, you live out of your purse. I guess it’s what backseats are to women in LA.  But if I’m going to the park or running to the corner Bodega, I really don’t need my whole purse just two or three items.

Now there is a great solution to keep everything in one place.  Introducing the EYN case

EYN stands for Everything You Need, a genius phone case with a separate storage compartment for cash, credit card, etc. There’s even a small mirror. The storage space that snaps shut to keep your items secure and  it comes with a detachable wristlet. There’s even a kickstand so you can watch videos or Facetime.

But maybe you’re thinking “Well that’s great but you know winter is coming I hate having to take off my gloves to use my phone.  There’s got to be a better way!” There is! is a fantastic warm soft glove that will let you use your phone in cold weather. The stylish glove  has actual silver woven in the thread so no ugly fingers pads.  You can use your entire hand!  The gloves also come with magnetic in the logo so when you take them off they snap together so you don’t have to worry about losing one. Why don’t all gloves have that? Don’t cut off that how to care for glove tag. It doubles as a wipe to take off grime and fingerprints off your screen.  They come in a variety of colors and even leather.

And today one VERY LUCKY Bridgette Raes reader is going to win both a pair of classic Glovely in small and an EYN Gingham case for the Iphone6! Leave a comment below saying why you want to win these items and don’t forget to share this post on your favorite social media site.